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Interesting comments on how some human beings think about God

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Heavenly, Candice. Here is what one of my favorite teachers (Ernest Holmes) said about the same Subject:
The Divine Presence, being everywhere and filling all space, must be in me. I recognize It is within me and It is that which I am."
& Emilie Cady stated: At the great heart of humanity there is a deep and awful homesickness that has never been and never can be satisfied with anything less than a clear, vivid consciousness of the indwelling presence of God.

Sadly both Ernest & Emilie have passed from their human form,
And what I like about your teacher is that he is alive teaching right now. Aren't we fortunate, and he started so young!
Sadly both Ernest & Emilie have passed from their human form,
And what I like about your teacher is that he is alive teaching right now. Aren't we fortunate, and he started so young!

Hi Ron,
For me, I need a "living" person to really help me get where I want to be. Like any other aspect of life, we want a "living doctor, living pilot, living chef". Yes we can be inspired and learn a bit from those who've passed and left great words or ideas. Having someone I can go see, talk to, laugh with, ask questions...just the best. I hope to see him soon in US somewhere.

Love and best,
I feel the God everywhere and in everything.
I only say this in hopes that it may shed light, not criticize. For anyone to say they "feel God everywhere and in everything" though a lovely thought, would make that person almost non-human. It is indeed a noble goal but I don't believe it is possible to feel this every single moment of life...but we can try.

I have practiced for many years to feel this. I know people older than me (I'm 61) who have devoted their lives, lived as almost 'monks' and tell me they still have moments of distraction, forgetting and even doubt.

Like I said, I say this because if what I want is the "real deal" I need to be honest and clear about what that "GOD" experience is. VERY clear. Not in words, not in ideas.

At the same time, it's not for me to say what someone feels so if you or anyone says they feel that, so be it. It's not my business to say if it's true or not.
Einstein looked at the subatomic level and understood reality to express it in terms of various physical laws. Darwin saw the course of life over billions of years and concluded there was no God. The Astronomer and the Oceanographer are looking near and far to figure out a how humans can be viable.

God is manifest in the quest or no quest.

We have to find a God of our understanding, because it can not be understood.
"We have to find a God of our understanding, because it can not be understood."

Mike's comment is so true and yet isn't it funny how often we humans say this can't be understood or described and then we go about describing it :) Me included here gang; I'm not immune to forgetting that none of this can be described, only experienced and felt.
I do agree with it. What can be described is just one aspect, but there are so many. And as we do deeply understand after we have felt and experienced ourselves there is the way through our own hearts. Blessings, Silja
"Where is God" is dependent on definition of "What is God". These questions have been the fodder (and sometimes the bane) of humans throughout the ages.

I am not so concerned about “Where is God”, “What is God”, or for that matter whether God even exists - because I am not convinced the answer to these questions makes any difference in how I conduct my daily life and interaction with other beings.

I have encountered many agnostics who behave far better than some “believers” that I’ve meet. Does this mean those agnostics have a superior understanding to those ill-behaved believers? Sometimes this subject becomes an academic pursuit based on psychological weakness or ignorance.

Someone else’s experience is not my experience. I suspect that each of us has the potential to understand these things only if we dig deep into the core of our own being.

The famous philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti made a good point saying:
Freedom from the desire for an answer is essential to the understanding of a problem

As long as we desire anything, we remain caught in the cycle of delusion, and the door to truth cannot be opened for us by any person other than ourselves individually as we travel the journey of self-discovery.
I agree with all you say here. In fact I attend atheist and agnostic meetings because I can honestly say "I don't believe in God." It MUST be felt, other wise talk is nothing, absolutely meaningless. This is why I listen to Prem Rawat, after over 37 years doing so; because he offers a way to feel, not believe.



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