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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I believe our most important focus is a global economic model reflecting the Information Age conditions in which we live, and addresses our need to balance ecology with economy; the economic model is most important because all other sectors of society are driven by the economic model, it can either create great wealth for a few and poverty for many - or general prosperity for all - why isn't there prosperity for all?

The Industrial Age economic model creates money out of thin air and requires the living people and the Earth pay the bill in labor and natures resources. When peoples labor pays the bill a debt crisis is eventually created with poverty the inevitable result; when nature pays the bill the environment is damaged. Only a few hundred years old, this economic model based on competition and conflict has left our children a legacy of debt and a withering planetary environment.

Information Age tools can relieve pressure on people and the environment. Achieving this goal will require a common global community where even the poor can create digital wealth using a free peer to peer Information Age economic system where value is created from human elements of creativity (music, words, art) rather than natural resources.

A environmental system where one can shoot an animal video instead of an animal, and provide wealth for their family earned by digital sales to a global audience.
Prosperity Program, a cooperative plan of Peace Portal, Free Digital Universe, and Worldwide Developers Foundation designed as a virtual fair and charity fund raiser is one plan to accomplish this goal.

"If the Internet is going to become the engine of global commerce it's cracked up to be, it needs a currency it can call its own - a currency as non proprietary and international as the Internet itself." ~ Wired

Once a Information Age economic system is in place, the rest of the infrastructure can be addressed by leveraging those tools. Compliments to a digital economy include local sustainable development of trees, clean water solutions, health care, food security, education, and social justice systems. Prosperity Program is a Project of Peace Portal, taking place in the Free Digital Universe, and managed by Worldwide Developers Foundation. The Free Digital Universe (FDU) is being implemented as a virtual game with a multitude of earning and social options, players use Digital Soules as Avatars who collect Life Force Points. Avatars collect Life Force Points in a variety of ways, including:" alt="dp" title="dp" width="116" height="84"/>

1) Players share in the ad revenue of their virtual social networking Malls provided to every Digital Soule, thereby ensuring all Soules gain in Life Force Points automatically simply for playing.

2) Players may Publish Digital Products for sale and redistribution

in any Game Players Malls and collect the coin of the realm (Life Force Points) for each sale originating from their Mall; and they may also offer these Digital Products to non-players (the Public at large) who can purchase using credit cards, e-currencies, and other public money.

3) Players may allow non-players to visit their virtual Malls and purchase Affiliate (such as Amazon) provided products via their virtual store and the Player collects “Life Force Points” each time a affiliate sale is realized.

4) Players may exchange other Gaming or e-currencies within our Games “Energy Trading Floor,” everything from 2nd Life Linden Dollars to PayPal or E-Gold may be exchanged for the Life Force Points earned in this Free Virtual Universe by the Digital Soule.

5) Players may barter directly as peers on our trading floor, the unique auction sites within the FDU allow Players to safely and securely (with built in escrow) exchange real goods and services.

6) Players may click on ads placed by other Players to earn Life Force Points, in this way everyone is guaranteed a means of increasing their Life Force Points.  The reason another Player will pay you to look at their ad is because they want you to place their product prominently in your Mall space so they sell more using you as their sales partner; each time a sale is made all parties Digital Soule accounts are credited with more Life Force Points.

7) Players may import and create an infinite number of games and options in FDU.One such 3D game in which Soules may quest, is Transcendent Nation, home of the Twelve.

8) Players will find access to free education, and many other non commercial (free) items of value, limited only by our imaginations.

 The FDU Game is designed to automatically funds multiple charitable organizations associated with the enterprise FDU GATE platform . Funding recipients are qualified on our platform at

Smaller or new charities, faith-based associations, and other non-profits may qualify for funding as a Soule Family, larger organizations are supported by the Peace Portal Humanitarian Trust, and corporate supporters acting as Vendors in the FDU.

To ensure the charitable fund-raising activities and individual wealth developing purposes of the FDU Game are supported and achieved, all
involved partners from corporate to charitable assemble collectively in
the FDUMA (Free Digital Universe Management Association) to coordinate this platform.

Individual charities participating in the association agree to work together so that projects started in areas of need can be assured that all necessary industry sectors required to complete the given project, can be achieved via the network. If a tree project is being implemented then there must also be water, power, waste recycling, etc...; one thing always leads to another because we live in a holistic eco-system. Peace Portal is currently planning two large scale global efforts that are at the core of a sustainable and holistic economic system; these efforts are Prosperity Program, and Access Point Project.

Access Point Project
connects partners on the ground (such as One Laptop per Child, Inveneo or Room to Read) with the FDU Games private global commerce platform for empowering the poor to improve their lives by accessing Information Age opportunities such as equal compensation for their labor using Life Force Points as a unencumbered virtual currency.

We utilize the increasing availability of Information Age technologies with Internet based market opportunities designed specifically to meet the needs of people who are economically dis-enfranchised and whom are regularly excluded from mainstream consideration.

Providing Internet Access is achieved by supporting installation of clean energy (solar, wind, water) powered ICT Systems , donated computers, and additional technology by integrating our efforts with those established charities already providing Access, such as: ECHO, Doctors Without Borders, and efforts of missionaries.


“Information technology will create equivalent opportunities for competitive choice in domiciling economic activities, but with important differences. One is that unlike the medieval frontier societies, cyberspace is likely to be in due course the richest of economic realms. It will therefore tend to be a growing rather than a receding frontier.”
With the tools of the Information Age we can achieve our goals. With the help of the independent peer partners whom have chosen to implement the Free Digital Universe concept, perhaps we can relieve pressure on individuals, communities, and governments.

“If you don’t like the way to the world is, you change it. You have an obligation to change it. You just do it one step at a time. ~ Marian Wright Edelman

“Today, peace means the ascent from simple coexistence to cooperation and common creativity among countries and nations.
~ Mikhail Gorbachev

Most succinctly, the purpose of the Free Digital Universe is to provide a viable starting point for experimenting with Information Age models of commerce which serve to free people by providing them with the tools to become locally self-sustainable through programs like Access Point.

Let us know how you like this plan for a New Dawn Solution.

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Our very special guest is Mayal Tshiabuila, a native Congolese with the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office tells of his work with kids in the Congo. Of the street boys who he is houseing, and of
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