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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

There are now Global Buying & Selling Clubs where people can earn into a private economy, and then ultimately use those earnings/credits as a private internal exchange currency, OR, be paid out in public money via a Secured debit Card. Community Commerce for crafts people, publishers, and others with something to share is now a reality!

Do you have something you'd like others to help you sell? Would you like to open a retail on-line sales shop instead of working for someone in a retail shop?

GetZooks exclusive Business Club provides the regular person with the tools, relationships, and programs that make it truly easy to earn money on-line.

By leveraging new Internet technologies, Club Members can begin selling almost anything, anytime, anywhere without "selling" anything. Share instead of sell by turning knowledge you or others give away for free in social networks into affiliate sales. You get a piece of every sale, your paid in cash via a Club provided International Debit Card.

As a Member you receive:

* Your own Store's, create many
* International Debit Card
* Quality Products to Sell
* Payment Processing
* Portable Widgets
* Store Coupons
* Social Network
* Marketing Tools

GetZooks makes it fun to open your personalized retail stores, with brand name products, and put them together to create your own unique CyberMalls.

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