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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

As the veil keeps lifting here on Earth, certain processes of awareness happen to people. Sometimes it feels really crazy and there is nobody out there with whom you can discuss that which you experience. I would like to provide a safe, non-judgmental place here in the Quantum Perceptions Group, where such topics can be discussed.

I invite new members to share their experiences of their own reality, parallel realities and the conscious experience of shifting back and forth between realities. There is no "right or wrong" experience as we move into the Quantum Perception of things, only great variety. Since the conscious experience of various realities is not possible while "hanging on" to the binary way of life, it goes without saying that the multitude of experiences that become possible exist outside of judgment, which in and of itself is a very polar expression.

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The shift in conciousness from a dual good and evil position to a nondual unitary position is quickening with each succeeding quantum pulse.I have had many non dual experiences including near death ones and the serenity and joy these experiences have brought me are beyond words to express. We are surrounded by infinit energy and infinit bliss. With the lifting of the veils more and more of the human race will experience the bliss and sense of relief that indeed, we are all one.
"You who do to the least of my brethern, you do unto me." As we bless others we bless our selves. It is all one. How else could it be?
The primary non dualistic experience is LOVE john covenant
Yes. Love IS.



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