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I/we love the inspiration that many people have contributed to this site , for sure. I also love tools to that help me to be real to face the truth of what is in every moment.
I find this being in acceptance of what is to require great discipline , even for self and ones having years of spiritual practice under their belts.

A good place to start , as good as any, I suppose, is to look at where we are hiding from the truth.

Perhaps the author of the poem below speaks for you in some measure. I read every so often to have a scan of what I am doing in my life.It is very long and I will present sections of it, at a time.

It is entitled ,"Please Hear What I Am Not Saying." author unknown

"Don't be fooled by me.
Don't be fooled by the face I wear.
For I wear a mask.;I wear a thousand masks,
masks that I am afaid to take off.
Pretending is an art that's second nature with me.
but don't be fooled---for God's sake don't be fooled.
I give u the impression that I'm secure,
that all is sunny and unruffled with me,
within as well as without,
that confidence is my name and coolness my game, that the water's calm and Im in command,
and that I need no one.
Bu t don't believe me.

I feel this how I coped with many of the challenges I faced. I simply decided at some point not to allow others to see me being vulnerable, desperate to understand, aching like an open sore. That worked until my mom at age 82, was killed by a stranger in the night a few years back.

Please, if u are prompted toward pity for mother or our family, it has never and does not help ones grieving. It has a lower energetic vibration than many other feelings we might choose..

She was ready to leave her body. She had told me many times.

I ached for the words I did not say, for the kindness I might have shown. I let her masks and mine interfere with the business of living. ..for we are all imperfect birds sharing the same nest....even if we live alone and know no one.

I wanted so much to understand what occurred in spiritual terms when what there was to do was feel it , surrender to the pain of it, the gift of it.

Life is much easier now. I accept what is before me, letting the judgement of it, or wanting it to be different, letting that go more and more. I find that richness and interconnection I have so longed for with many others, I find it right here in my heart.,everywhere I go, regardless of how people interact with me.

The choice is mine to connect with others by connectng with the heart of life within me. In this way, there is less fear of unmasking, and more love of the truth.

I'd invie you to share your story about masking/unmasking.

much love,

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Stevie wrote it. Whitney is singing it, I believe in the mid '80s (before Bobby, HA!), in Tokyo. Can we believe it?

Funny, as I do more for others and love you more, I get to love me more....I even get to love the haters more, as I realize they need love and compassion as well.

Love that: "They can't take away my dignity."

It must come from within me....

Unfortunately that on: "It's easy to achieve" has not been exactly for me...But we are working on it right here, at this moment.

Great postings, guys! I am honored to be on here with real loving vulnerable people like you Linda, like you Violette, like you Dr . Mike!
That percieved "great rejection" by my Mom this past Feb. when she virtually left me out of her will has been my greatest gift. Without her Divine Inheritance, I would not be here with you guys! Linda reminded me to "Return to Love" many times, Violette reminded me to be a "Love finder and not a fault finder" from our shared love of the principles of Attitudinal Healing. drMike helped me locate the local Vipassana Center (in Georgia amazingly enough), and encouraged me and modeled for me to attend the ten days of silence, resultantly really turning my life around as I continue the Practice daily. I have a long ways to go, and Linda I have not been trying to promote myself here - just to connect and learn, and then I find that writing what I learn helps me to learn more.
I have been a student of the "big R' Reality where everything here is an illusion especially our bodies, and we are to forgive all of this and at same time realize Heaven is here.
There is nowhere else.
Heaven is now.
There is no other time.
ACIM m,58
Then I have studied with teachers who teach the "little r" reality - our bodies and what is in front of us right now - Byron Katy and Gautama Buddha and then to see that Oneness includes All! in the Oneness of Love, I am so grateful, ron If we have not peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Mother Teresa
HI Violette,

Thank you for your honesty. This feeling of abandonment and rejection is onethat many o f us have felt as we came into incarnation. It does stay with us and form how we respond to life until it is healed. In clearing these feeligns you will attract new people and opportunties into your life.You know this , I know.

Perhaps you also know you may no longer wish to leave your body at this point. What I have read o f your writings I filled with wisdom. Perhaps you have more to share before moving on. You would know this better than anyone else.

I have two sources that may immediately assist you. ....a gifted midwife and teacher in Californina, is/was giving rebirthing workshops that assist ones to feel the birth process into a loving environment. This is a powerful experience.

I and many others do emotional clearing and self transformation work. Send me a personal note from MYPAGE if u would like to be a free case study client.

I 'd be honored to work with you and to make further referrals..
Linda Lawson
HI Ron,

I have enjoyed your postings especially earlier on when you were quite raw and vulnerable. It allows us to deeply engage with others in this state and to move ourselves and others forward as we are ready.
You keep the site alive with inspiration from many , many teachers regularly. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your contributions.

much love and appreciation,
HI Dr. Mike,

( I began writing to you and it turned ito a general letter to all.)

You said,


"It's easy to achieve" has not been exactly for me...But we are working on it right here, at this moment."

This has been my experience as well. Each step to closer to truth requires even greater discipline. Knowing what to do and be and doing and being it are two different things.

I love that you shared with Ron about the 10 day Vispassna retreats. I have just come back from another 10 day retreat sponsored by the Cosmosis Academy in Perth, Australia .It was/is indeed a life altering experience. Its lovely to feel the freedom of choosing how I will be with ever greater ability to
let go of that which no longer serves my learning.

This retreat focused on psychological clearing and heart activations. The beauty of giving up so little of ones time to bathe
in one's true esseence during retreats is, by our egoic standards, amazing. , to the soul and spirit , itis natural, its home.
..our first nature.

Retreats ,depending on their focus and one's ability to open to the experience can accelerate one's progress immeasurably.They can take years off your life.

There so many gifted teachers and guides if we are ready to move forward.Let your heart lead you. And if you are waiting for a teacher, ask for that one to be brought into your life.

Ask in your heart for the answer to be made clear .. and so it is.

Michael King is an amazing ,wondrous guide , healer and teacher that i work with. His approach is to assist more Masters to come into being, rather than perpetual students.

Check him out on his New Dawn page and on YouTube.

Has anyone else a retreat experience or awesome teacher to share? Let's hear it.

Thanks to all for sharing. It is caring.
Best, Mike
Thanks for spilling your truth. I can empathize...and congratulate you at the same time.
Seems to me, Linda, that the paradox of vulnerability is that when we are able to admit that we feel it, we become more powerful. Getting real with ourselves and emotionally naked with others we choose to trust fuels our courage. At this time in our communal evolution, courage and trust are what Spirit is calling us to acknowledge and employ.
There is true power in surrender.
Hello Violette,

( For anyone who has been following my conversations with Violette, I have responded to her personally.)

Please do freel free to start discussions o nthi spage. . The one you posed on denial would be a great one to get going.

Babble on sistah! You've got a lot to say.

"I know so many people who do not want to return, yet planet earth affords beauty and experiences that apparently no other system does."

True that!

Many lightworkers , enlightened ones, awakened ones are here entertaining themselves with little attention to passing on what they know. What will it take for us to step forward? We are here to help the planet heal and evolve.
I find that to come down to meaning keeping myself aligned and centered to the truth of what is and modelling that for my sphere of influence .

Having gifts of spirit and spending ones time in meditation are useless if the channel , th e lower bodies, they come thru are toxic and unclear. Clearing out the gunky feelings of past decisions
makes for a healthy environment for the higher bodies to descend into. Otherwise, we are indeed burning out our organs , tissues, etc.

So yeah, attitudinal healing, take us on a ride Violette, if u feel to do so. . Let's hear more about what works for u in your journey.

We have an amazing opportunity to grow here. Let's put our paths together and see what pictures we make.
HI Carlo,

Love to hear from you. Beautiful!

We welcome your voice and input.
Thanks, Violette.

Perhaps you can share a true story of yours or someone else to give everyone an idea how denial works.
this is something we all do , isn't it?
Self Mastery Quiz ...for a shot of your realness

I have come across a wonderful little Self Mastery quiz. It will give u a reflection of how much you align your intentions with want you are and do.If you'd like a copy, please email me .
warm regards,
Linda Lawson



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