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Not transcendance, not trance, not out-of-body, not egolessness, although these states happen in meditation, in Vipassana, our goal is equanimity according to Goenka.

To me equanimity is real peace, real joy, real balance, and is the middle road that Buddha teaches.

Agree? or not?

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I agree... equanimity is a result of practicing mindfulness in our daily walk.

The various states we experience while meditating are interesting... but isn't the point of personal improvement, to be a happier, more creative human being? To be able to love more fearlessly? To be better communicators and citizens? We benefit from the discipline of meditation - and the barometer of that activity is how equanimous we are while existing in the world of agitation.

java buddha

Hard Lessons: Combining Ho'oponopono with Meditation

I have had a very interesting past few days. Getting involved in things again, which made me realize again how the best things in life are not things. I was invited to a wooden boat show to sell some of my nautical collections (including some of my original illustrations such as "Divina,the golden dolphin"). It was a lot of work for not much money, and helped me realize that I have the same "dis-ease" as my collector Mother. This was dismaying, however it helped me express more forgiveness toward her. I used ho'oponopono very sincerely (very deeply I must say in my newly found awareness) - "I am so sorry, please forgive me, thank you. I love you." over and over, as I realized my attachment to things is toxic also.

I am waiting now for someone to come help me un
load rental truck, and my body is sore and my spirit is lifted as I learn to have equanimity despite doing something I don't like doing - moving "things". It helps me realize why I appreciate a monastery/ashram so much - being away from attachment to things. Now I will simplify my life by selling and giving away alot of my objects. So I see this time as a new realization and beginning to a more simple life. Hard lessons but karma, I suppose!

in the spirit of loving Oneness,ron

My love for you will always be, forevermore, throughout eternity. Divina the golden dolphin
In addition, the way Goenka talks about equanimity, I think it means the same as "mindfulness" in other forms of Buddhism?
Mindfulness is the westernized term adopted by the 'psychological' crowd. A few years back, following the loss of a close person... I was grieving and went to a counselor for awhile. She spoke of mindfulness and I told her I was a vipassana meditator. She sat back and said then there was nothing she could offer me that I didn't already have. I respected her so much for valuing vipassana that I continued to see her for a couple months.



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