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The Dhamma Brothers
This profound documentary about Vipassana ten day silent meditation retreat being taken into the most hard core Alabama Prison with Lifer prisoners inspired me to take the ten day course. Now I am reading the book Letters from the Dhamma Brothers and I am getting re-inspired. I hope to facilitate getting some teachers into the S. C. Prisons, and I just happened to hear from the director of the S.E. Vipassana Center who gave me the number of a board member of the S.C. prison trusts, who just returned from a three day Vipassana retreat! If you read the histories of these prisoners, you will see why they became criminals. That they have a Divine Spark is of no question, and Vipassana helps them find and develop that spark. Besides they learn that the mind held them prisoner more than the prison did. How many of us are prisoners of our mind. I know I want to be liberated from many of my thoughts or at least the suffering caused by them. Metta, ron

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This is the "Dhamma Brothers Trailer" Plus! Be wowed!
Now this brings me to similar personal experiences of
enlarged inner space during Vipassana meditation, and
a good description from Iman Omar Rahman in
Letters from the Dhamma Brothers:
"Experiencing openness and learning to open
myself more has allowed me to access more of the space
of my existence. When an adverse occurrence arises
around me I'm less reactive because I have space to
see and act with skill, I'm less caught up in anger
when it flares or any other negative feelings. I'm
less hooked if you will. I can let go. I have more
space within me to be otherwise..."

P. 117-118



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