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January 2012 Blog Posts (63)

Daily Insights

The Glorious life...

Of your imagination

Will become reality

Once you set

Your foundations right

The key to making 

The life you 

Love to live

Is the time you give

To knowing


And loving


The belief

You have in yourself

The honour 

For your worth

The complete

Unconditional love

You allow yourself


Your beliefs

Your beliefs determine



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Capricorn Full Moon Group Meditation + 11:11:11 A Crystal Ascension Energy & Activation Meditation ~ I Am University


Here are 2 beautiful meditations from the I Am University
Summarized Hyper-Link:

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Avatar Training 2012 ~ Children of the Sun

Here are the New Meditations from Children of the Sun
Summarized Hyper-Link:

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Daily Insights

As you fulfill...

Your passion and desires

There will always

Be those who

Seek to reign you in

Bring you down


They do this

From their place

Of lack

Their core energy

Recognizes higher frequency

Their frustration, pettiness

Is their indicator


They are in lower frequency

So out of alignment

With their…

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Daily Insights

Experiences will happen...

That match

The frequency

You resonate

What you perceive

Is your indicator

Of how in alignment

You are

When you experience

Situations or people

Who make you feel

Stressed, anxious or upset

Understand this has come

From your own

Lack of self worth

You are just witnessing

Energy bringing

The same frequency

You resonate out

By changing your belief

Learning to love YOU



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My Heart to sing

You, in all your Living Splendour,

You, you make my heart sing.

And if I feel not worthy

You come to touch my hand,

And if my heart is heavy

I hear your song and remember who I am.


And you, you make my heart sing.

The gift of just believing means everything.

And if I lose my way,

Along the long, long road,

You somehow are right there

And lead me to the fold.


And there is the hope



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ACE Cash Express Announces Donation to Back on My Feet

ACE Cash Express, a leading retailer of financial services, announced today a…


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Daily Insights

Every experience you encounter...

Comes to you

From the transmutation

Of energy

Signaled from

The frequency

Of your beliefs

When you experience

Conflict, frustration

Or fear

This indicates you are

Resonating low frequency

That you are in

Low self esteem or confidence

It is not about reacting

To situations

It is all about

Creating the right belief

To resonate and attract

The high frequency

Of abundance



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A candle Burns in the darkness

There is a candle that burns in the darkness

A beacon that lights the way.

There is a lifeline that connects my very soul

To reach me as I travel the way.


And when I call I know you are there.

Fending off my minds despair.

There is a shudder of the angels wings

That  enfolds me and lifts my heart to sing.


There is a beacon that guides my journey on

A candle that burns to light the way along.

And when I am…


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Daily Insights

You only witness...

Lack and limitation

Through believing

You are not worthy

Of abundance

Through believing

The conditioning

There to keep you

In fear

All while this

Is your belief

You resonate out

The frequency

Of lack and limitation

Energy will attract

Back the same frequency

In experiences of

Limitation and control

To change your frequency

Means changing

Your belief

Which calls for

Knowing you are…


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the antichrist = the black hole of love

where your attentons and care end up?

she calls you can't hide

she tells you lies

she saved your life

now you can fight

but you are still weak.

she's full of attention for mankind.

she loves yourself as she loves a cat

kicks out any equation of maths

she is interested to be followed

she barely follows you.

if you spend a word it would lead to a compromise

she is afraid of being alone

she is a love…


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Personal Grid of Light for 2012 and Beyond with Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Goddess of Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Silent Watchers, and Angelic Watchers


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the year 2012. This year has been anticipated, worldwide, in almost all cultures for decades, if not centuries. And through her grace, we are entering it on the coat tails of our beloved Divine Mother. She has scooped us up and held us in her loving embrace as we cross this threshold into 2012. What more could we ask for? All of the anxiety that many on Earth are experiencing, as we enter into 2012 has been removed for us by Mother and replaced with…


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Great redeemer

Great Redeemer,

Oh, one that holds the Light of God.

Let your Love fill my Heart and Soul.


So I may remember who I am.

So I my redeem my power to believe.

So I may be healed by the truth

That God gave you to hold.


The Gift of redemption is what you offer

And this I gladly receive.

I understand the Power of Who you are

And your unconditional Love for me.


Oh great redeemer,

Allow me…


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Daily Insights

Knowing your passion...

Comes with defining

Who you are

Not by your title

Not by your career

Not by your family

Who YOU are

By your values

By your vision

Of living the life

You love

A life that fills you

With creativity


And passion

This comes by

Taking your focus off

Those who try to


Your life experiences

Who try to

Keep you small

From their own

Place of lack

Moving your…


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REI Foundation Mary Anderson Legacy Grant Recipient: The Mountaineers

The REI Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit…


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Let God's Music fill your heart

Let my Love’s Music touch your Heart

May the gifts of Spirit fill my soul

And rain their blessings down below

Let my Love’s Music take control

And Whisper of Blessings

The Master’s hold

May my souls music set me free

Let it come in waves of Ecstasy.

Let my loves music

Bless my soul


What have you given up

 to get where you are

What have you sacrificed

to reach the stars




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Daily Insights

To accept and receive...

Wealth and abundance

You must first

Accept and receive

Love for yourself

Honour for your

Self worth

Wealth is energy

Money is energy

Both directly correlate

To self worth.

What you believe


The frequency you resonate

Low self worth

Lack of confidence

Resonates low frequency

It creates resistance

To the energetic

Flow of wealth

Belief in your

Self worth

In your…


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Daily Insights

Your desires happen...

As quickly

As you believe they will

Your belief

Is the signal

For your cells

To send out 

The frequency of abundance


Your worth


Your capabilities



Are how you

Give the right signals

Within in you

There is 




It is YOU

Command your desires

Own the life 

You know 

You are here to…


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Are you a force for good?

Ask yourself, in all honesty

Am I a force for Good,

Am I bringing God’s Light and Love to the World


What could you do to be a force for Good?


For we must believe that the power of God’s Energy

Has the ability to bring us to a higher vibration and

That this energy can bring us to our true potential.


For if we would want God to work through us,

We need to be dealing in goodness.

And bringing in the same…


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The Congress Hotel, Fort Dearborn and the old Chicago Main Library.

The Congress Hotel, Fort Dearborn and the old Chicago Main Library.

by Barek Halfhand

The old gothic architecture of the building with the neon red “CONGRESS HOTEL” sign glowing at it’s anterior has been a prominent fixture of the Chicago nighted skyline for over a is…


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