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January 2012 Blog Posts (63)

Daily Insights

Becoming the change...

You wish to see in the world

Starts with 

Becoming the belief

Of the change

You desire.

When you are

living and breathing

Your honour

Honesty and integrity

When you are

Living from

Contribution and service

To others

You allow in

Unconditional love

For others and yourself

You own your 

Self worth

Here is where

You become the change

Global change…


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Daily Insights

Knowing how...

The life you desire

To love living

Feels like

Allows you

To define who you are

Through your values

Through your passion

When you know

Your passion

You know

Your purpose

It comes

With the honour

And self love


In stopping

Reacting to experiences

Taking in

When others criticize

It is not about

Turning the other cheek

It is taking your focus

Off their place of lack



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Daily Insights

When you feel...

You are on your own

That your life

Feels like

You are treading water

Energy is showing you

Your physical body

Is out of alignment

With your core energy

That your energy

Has all the access

To love and wealth

In all its forms

It is merely

The ego

That keeps you

Believing small

And so

Out of alignment

With who you are here to be

Begin your

Energetic communication

Be guided by how you…


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God's got your back

God’s got your Back

And Christ has your Heart

And you are here just to live it


God’s got your back

Christ has the love

And you just need to give it.

There’s a whole world waiting

To fulfill a greater plan.


God’s got your back

Don’t worry or stress my friend

He’ll be there to guide you

On your way till the very end.


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In Lak'ech Ala K'in

"In Lak'ech Ala K'in"

The Living Code of the Heart

~Center of The Sun~

In Mayan tradition, there is a greeting that many people working with Mayan wisdom know of. It is the law of In Lak'ech Ala K'in, which means I am another yourself (A modern…


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The Time of Awakening - Are You Ready?

A new paradigm has begun, a time of awakening for the feminine energy within every man and woman. As we let go of the old Industrial era of masculine energy that focused on material…


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Daily Insights

Learn to listen...

To your emotions

Here is where

Energy communicates

Directly with you

Emotion = Energy in motion

How you feel

Let's you know 

What you are

Resonating out

Feeling anxious or angry

You are resonating

Low frequency

You will attract back

The same frequency

In experiences

Which keep you 

In stress and fear

Put your focus

On feeling

Happy, creative and loved



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The Heartbeat of God


Be Still and Listen

Do you hear the Heartbeat of God,



Be still and feel it

In your heart there’s a light of Love


Stop be still and let it

Fill your Body, Mind and know


This life of God’s great Presence

Is living in your soul.



Be still and Live it,

This living heartbeat of God,

It’s alive in every one of us,

And it is our bridge to heaven…


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Safe house

There is a Safe House

within your soul

A space where God’s presence

Can be known.


If your mind’s in a spin,

And you’re overwhelmed

If your getting off center

Just go within.


Go into that sacred space

Where your source does dwell

And renew the place

where love is found.


Be Still in the silence

And set the mind free

Dwell in this space

And let your truth just…


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Daily Insights

Begin to know...

Your frequency 

By how you feel

That in stress

Anxiety or fear

You resonate

Low frequency

In creativity

Confidence and self love

You resonate

In high frequency

Which are determined

By your belief

Low self worth

Remaining a victim

Not letting go 

Of the past

Keeps you 

In low frequency


Your self worth

Defining and loving

Who you are



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An everlasting covenent

I wish I had good news about these last days, but this is the way I see it.Signs and wonders are being performed around us By false teachers and so called profits.The signs that are taking place are of biblical proportions and have been proficied by ligitamate Profits, "God's profits" milinians of years ago.The world and all It's works are passing away and getting ready for a new birth which we will reign 1000 years on a new earth.These are just birth pangs, like a women in child baring, It…


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Former GHI Case Manager and Investigator Brandy Green speaks out about life after Para-TV

Former GHI Case Manager and Investigator

Brandy Green speaks out about life after Para-TV


Interviewer: Michael O’Brien…


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Daily Insights

Being free...

To live your life

All starts within

In letting go

Of the confines

Of conditioning

There to keep you

Living small.

In remembering

Your power

Comes from

Your natural energy

That the key

To unlocking this

Is belief.

All your desires happen

When you believe

You are worthy

Of them

When you expect

Nothing less

Then living them fully

Right now

It starts with belief

It is possible



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Daily Insights

When you hold the pain...

Of other people's words

Of allowing

The reflection

Of their low self worth

To affect

Your belief in yourself

You take on

Living from

The low frequency

Of their experiences

You energetically

Hold them as

Emotional memories

That get trapped

At in and around

Your cells

This blokes energy

Maintaining your body

In pure and natural health

It causes resistance

To your flow of wealth and…


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The ease of Peace

Feel the Ease of Peace

Let the struggles go

All that you’ve been fighting for

has worn the weary soul.


Feel the ease of being in the moment

Let all the work of Life

Slip from your shoulders

And let it fall.


You are here in spirit

You are in this space.

Let the  light of presence

Heal you with it’s Grace.


Feel the Ease of Peace

Precious child of God

Let this peaceful…


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Daily Insights

Creating wealth...

Is an energetic process

Financial wealth

Spiritual wealth

Or emotional wealth

All reside 

In the high frequency

Of abundance

When you doubt yourself

Do not value who you are

Or how you look

You resonate low frequency

Wealth cannot

Flow to you

YOU cause

Your own resistance

When you honour

Who you are

Your expression

Of your uniqueness

By living your…


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Daily Insights

Removing conflict in your life...

Comes with

Taking your focus off

Those who come to you

In stress, anxiety and anger


They still come from

Low self worth

and the low frequency

Of fear

Only they can change

The conditions

Of their lives

Only YOU

Can change yours

Focus instead

On the belief

In your abundance

On fully and wholly

Loving the amazing

Person you are

On living and breathing



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Believe in the power that you hold within You.

For if you do not believe in Yourself

You will not attract those who believe in you.

You will push away and reject those who would believe in you.


So believe in yourself and the life you inhabit.

Believe in the good within you.

This goodness is from God.


And as you believe in this goodness within

You will leave the door open for God’s Love within…


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Daily Insights

There is no need...

To make resolutions

For a year

When you create

In every second!

Those failed resolutions

From last year

Only serve

To keep you

In lack

Understand you

Resonate out

The frequency

Of your beliefs

If you believe

You will not achieve

Energy will attract to you

All experiences

That support

Your belief


Focus on your desires

With the belief

They are already here

Focus on…


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