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April 2012 Blog Posts (70)

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Release

We wish to help you release anything that no longer serves you

As you begin to heal and experience living in higher vibrations things happen that you do not always understand at the moment they are happening to you. Your emotions can feel overwhelming at times and we wish tell you that you will adjust to this new…


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Daily Insights

Wealth holds...

Many forms

Financial, spiritual

Or emotional

These are all

Different expressions

Of energy

All are most


When you

Are in

The frequency

Of honouring

And valuing

Your worth

Unconditional love

IS the highest frequency

It must start

With YOU


The love for you

In you

When you

Do not honour

Or value

Your worth

You will not

Align to

The frequency



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You can take Cultural Fusion to the next level

Our project has its roots in inquiry and knowledge sharing. My initiating questions were -

"what can i do?" and "what is peace?"

We began by consulting Spinoza to define terms referring to emotional states as we documented the evolution of the project concept.

Do you have ideas or an interest in collaborating to develop the concept/series…


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The Freedom to Be

The freedom to Be


Can you perceive an Invitation to Be with God.

For beyond all the striving to know and to be known,

There is the Simple Gift of being.


Being beyond the limitations of how you have been known.

For Who you are is far more than how you are known.


What you choose to be

And how you choose to be it

Is governed on Earth by the laws of time, space and karma,

As you live as a soul in…


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Daily Insights

Always longing...

To be like

Someone else

To be as happy 

As them

To be living

Their lifestyle

Is always going to

Keep you

In the frequency

Of lack

What these desires

Show you

Is that you

Are not owning

Your own 


You are not




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The Power is All Within You

There is nothing worse then feeling helpless in dealing with your circumstances. Waking up every morning dreading the day ahead, unsure who else is going to be contacting you chasing for money. Wondering if you can get through another day…


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And now in the new Light of the soul’s calling

You can hear Beyond the language of Silence,

You can see with the Heart’s vision of Love.

You can Activate the energy

 that is being brought into our higher Consciousness,

that is aligned with the resource in the furthest realms of God’s being.

For this energy  is there within the spark of your soul.

And  throughout the Cosmos this energy

is reverberating with the…


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Daily Insights

Nothing you have ever done...

Is wrong

The choices

You made

Were from your


Of reality

At the time

Based on


Reacting to conditioning.

You hold

Blame or guilt

Only as a result

Of other people's

Place of lack

Every situation

Is just experience

Bringing you

One of two things


You do not desire

Show you

The contrast

To what you do desire

The birth…


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The first volume in a series of 5 which bring together some 50 experts from 5 continents to address solutions to a wide range of global problems in such fields as energy, the environment, the economy, healthcare, designing for the future, and women's creativity and its role in humanity's future will be coming out next Feb., 2013.


Vol. 1 is titled: INFINITE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES: Tesla, Cold Fusion, Antigravity and the Future of Sustainabiltiy. Foreword by…


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Accept the Light and Love that you are

Accept the Light that is there within you,

Accept the gift of the Love that you are.

For from that point of Love and Light within you

All love and light God’s Light and Love is found.


And from that seat within your soul

all love and light must grow.

And from that point within you can learn

To let the love you have for yourself grow

so that you may find that love within others.


Believe that you are worthy of this…


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There is No Seperation

I am filled with such appreciation at the friends and followers of my work who come from every culture across the globe and every ‘form’ of religion. What is truly beautiful, is to witness this…


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Daily Insights

All while you allow...

Yourself to remain

In anger

Frustration or jealousy

You continually

Move yourself

To lower frequency

You not only

Create more

Of the same


Being attracted to you

Through further

Experiences that

Provide more

Anger and frustration

You also set in motion

The compromising

Of your immune system

So creating illness.


These emotions

And beliefs



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UNMASKING: Initiation into Multi-Dimensionality ~ Children of the Sun



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Daily Insights

To live in fear...

Is to live in

An illusion of lack

To be suffocated

By doubt and worry

Is giving away

Your natural

Power and vision

To someone else's


This keeps you

In low frequency

Builds the void

From the energy

Within your

Physical body

To the energy

Of your

Higher self

You feel this void


Stress, anxiety

Fear and frustration

YOU alone

Have the ability

To stop…


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Daily Insights

Every experience..

That comes into

Your life

You have created


The frequency

Of your


Being unconscious

Of this knowledge

Causes you

To live in


Keeps you in

'Scare city'.

Once you

Open your awareness


You and you alone

Create your


Then comes

The realisation

You can change

Every condition

Of your life,

You alone

Hold the power

To do…


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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 : Nous Sommes Du Soleil

Chapter 8 : Nous Sommes Du Soleil

This week's episode of the Threshold Bookcast revolves around members of a religious community living in a high-perched monastery located in the highest mountain range on Ovel.

As the narrative begins, two of the cenobites, a novice and his experienced teacher, are climbing up…


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God is right there inside you!

So long you have searched for Love,

So long has been this journey.

And along the path you have found so many clues,

And always continued on.

And truly God’s light has shined forth with every breaking dawn.

And you have seen heavenly reflections each and every day

And at night you have seen the glory of the stars in the universe

The beauty of the full moon reflected in a lake,

And by day you have seen the sun glistening in the dew drop…


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Daily Insights

When you hold...


With an underlying fear

Of loosing them

Of being alone

They will be lost

When you

Then wonder

What you did wrong

You do not


Your self worth

All these feelings

Come from fear

Fear is always

Low frequency

Energy will always

Attract to you

The same frequency

In experiences

It gives you exactly

What you are resonating

Loosing relationships

Perceiving you



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x12 I Am University




I have created a list from the *new* I Am University

I hope you find it of interest & useful for your spiritual growth & development.

Many Blessings


Esta Lior

1. 50-Point Cosmic…

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