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July 2011 Blog Posts (90)

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Siddhartha Gautama Buddha


Meditate regularly. You path, body, and soul are asking for quiet time to reflect, think and receive insights. Even a small amount of time devoted to daily meditation will bring you great gifts. You don't necessarily need any formal training in meditation. It's simply a matter of sitting quietly, closing your eyes, breathing, and…


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Forgiveness & Creation – The Counsel of Seven

Beloveds, we are here to discuss your freedom. Your mental and emotional freedom. What is this you ask? Don't I have free will? To this we say yes, beloveds you DO have free will. We just wish to give you a little assistance. As you are aware, forgiveness is the key to emotional and mental freedom. You MUST forgive yourself and the beings you are holding this…


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Volcom Collaborates with Krochet Kids international, Supports Communities in Northern Uganda

Volcom announced today a unique partnership with non-profit lifestyle brand, …


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Receiving Silent-Watchers from the Great-Silent-Watcher & Personal & Cosmic Angelic Guardians ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai


In the following post:

A. 6/6/11 Gateway Portal Meditation [Audio] entitled: Creating & Receiving Personal-Silent Watchers &…

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What we doing

We are doing

Just what we choose to do

For what we need to learn.

We are doing what we Breath and so

We grow and live and Burn.

We are lit with the Fire of Being.

And Stay with a Way of Life.

We yearn for a Love that frees us,

To bring us Joy and Light.

We are doing what we choose to do

And we must accept it with a smile.

And say OK, to how we live our life

And make it seem worthwhile.

When we grow enough… Continue

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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Gift of Change

Change brings great blessings and hope

Although lives sometimes feel turned upside-down, the changes that are occurring are divinely inspired by your asking. Changes help to release the energy that no longer serves your growth. Remember the Universe wants you to have your heart's desires. It is simply waiting for you to know and trust that you are worthy, and you…


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Life Is Not Supposed to Be All About Problems

Do you wake every day, move through your day, and go to bed with problems on your mind? Maybe you’d like to do something about that right now.

What can you do that’s quick? Reframe the problem or your perceptions about it to make a difference, even if just a small shift at first.

I listened to an interview with Marcia Wieder and she said something like, “Life is not meant to be just about addressing problems.” How often you might feel that your days are all about problems!… Continue

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God make me whole,

So that I can allow all of my self to be complete

Complete in the seeing of all of what I am.

With no limitations and no expectations ,

To be other than my self,

Reflecting the God in Me

Through you.

God, make me whole

And allow me to accept that I am human,

Alive in this temporary form,

Yet, with the Spirit of you

Burning within the spark in my Soul.

Let me love with the heart that understands and… Continue

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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Power of Joy

 Joy is a high vibrating energy

When you fill your heart with laughter and joy, you fill each cell within your physical structure with highly charged particles of Divine Light which can be used in your manifestation process, healing, and transformation. This is a force that can help you transform any area of your life.

Angel wisdom reminds you to enjoy a good laugh. Work on projects that fill you with immense joy, and…


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