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Edel O'Mahony's Blog – January 2011 Archive (3)

The Law of Correspondence

What happens on the inside determines what happens on the outside
“As within, so without”.
“Our outer life will mirror our ‘inner’ life.”
There is a ‘direct correspondence’ between our experiences and our thoughts and attitudes.
This law simply makes clear…

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Your Strength is in loving yourself

The only thing that stops you from being totally abundant is fear...

Fear festers doubt...low self esteem...jealousy

Fear causes people to lash out in frustration at those finding happiness and confidence

Fear is where you are most disconnected from who you are meant to be

To let go of fear...find yourself...define yourself

Believe and know your potential is as limitless as the Universe

We are all from the same energy...we can all reconnect into that…


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The 12 Elemental Principles

I find that the science around the Law of Attraction is so fascinating. When science wakes up to what has always been there, all the elements, the building blocks of our physical world and ‘verifies’ that energy is everything.

I would like to bring you over this month, information on the 12 elemental principles that are the basis of all creation in the physical world.

I cover this in my seminars and there is never enough time to talk about my passion for Quantum Physics.

The Law… Continue

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