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Edel O'Mahony's Blog – April 2011 Archive (2)

Soldiers of Peace

Had to share this inspiring website with you:

‘We are bombarded with images of war. On the TV news, in our newspapers. The pictures pile up, and with them some solid assumptions. We assume that war is human nature. That there’s an epidemic of war and it’s only getting worse. That it’s too profitable for some businesses to be stopped. And too effective for some governments to give up. That war will be with us forever.

None of these things is true.

The world is…


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Law of Action

Newton’s laws of motion was introduced and discussed. It was said that…
‘Any of three laws of classical mechanics, either the law that a body remains at rest or in motion with a  constant velocity unless an external force acts on the body (first law of

the law that the sum of…

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