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Here are a few books in my library


A Course In Lucid Dreaming: LaBerge

Lucid Dreaming: LaBerge

Dreamscape: Vance

DreamLand Companion: Kutz

Lucid Waking: Feurstein

The Waking Dream: Grasse

Waking Up In Time: Russell

Sleeping, Dreaming, Dying: The Dalai Lama


Toward a Solar Civilisation: Aivanhov

Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Fideler

The Book of The Sun: Folley


Embracing The Beloved: Levine

The Path to Love:… Continue

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favorite quotes i hope you enjoy.

“Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.”

-- James Turrell

"Presumptuous are the artists who do not follow their road through to the end. But chosen are those artists who penetrate to the region of that secret place where primeval power nurtures all evolution.

There, where the power-house of all time and space - call it the brain or heart of creation - activates every function; who is the artist who would not dwell there? In the… Continue

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