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Charly Hill's Blog – July 2009 Archive (5)

Weekly Tidbit: Fear

A young couple won a contest and were awarded an all expense paid vacation to a resort on an island in the Caribbean. They were very excited and happy until a friend told them that this particular island was known for having a lot of snakes. Not being fond of snakes, they had some emotional pause, and being brave, they decide to go anyway. But on the flight to the island their concern about running into snakes grew into fear. So they did not sleep very well that first night, fearful that they… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Love the Process

As children we understand the joy in the experience, the doing and being in the act of creating our life in the moment. Watch kids building a sand castle; on some level they know that the ocean will claim their efforts, but that is not important. The fun is in the making of the castle, the process of creation in that very moment of time.

Too often as adults we get preoccupied with the end product of our efforts. In Alexander Technique lessons, over focus on the results is called… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Opening Your Throat Chakra

Chakras are centers for receiving, processing and transmitting the energies of life, often visualized as spinning vortexes. The throat chakra relates specifically to communication, to speaking and being heard. It is the energetic repository of all the messages we have ever heard about our rights and our abilities to communicate. "Children should be seen and not heard.... What a beautiful voice you have..... I really like talking to you...... You're just shy..... Don't talk back...... Don't say… Continue

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Weekly TIdbit: Making Changes

The culture and family influences we are born into and grow up with have a powerful hold. No matter how much exposure we have to other experiences or beliefs on a conscious level, unless we reach into where the original program lives in the subconscious mind and make updates, that old program stays pretty much the same. Which is why positive affirmations or cognitive restructuring techniques are often not as effective as we would like them to be. It is estimated that 85-95% of our behavior is… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: FInding New Balance

I'm learning HTML, also known as Hypertext Mark-up Language, the predominant language for creating web pages. This is a phenomenal experience for me; computer technology has intimidated me for the longest time. I have always been right brain dominant: intuitive, creative, holistic, artistic, sensitive. I remember being chastised by a friend while playing pinochle when he asked me why I played a certain card and I told him "it felt like the right move". He counted every card and calculated odds… Continue

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