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Weekly Tidbit: Perspective

While horsing around in Oregon mountains last week, I read Whole Heart, Whole Horse by Mark Rashid and came upon an intriguing question: Which is stronger: the Grand Canyon that contains the Colorado River or the Colorado River that carved the Grand Canyon? The Colorado River is a classic symbol of power and strength, and the force of its flow created a passageway through fossilized rock. And the Grand Canyon, known for its size and unmatched scenic vistas, is a symbol of majestic and… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Stress

Stress has been linked to myriad diseases and has had thousands of articles written about it. Some people believe it is unavoidable; others see it as self generated. Here are three categories of stress and some suggestions for using situations as opportunities to deepen your healing practice:

A. Uncertainty: Wanting to know something that is unknowable. Examples would be worrying about what will happen at some point in the future: will I get the job, will he like me, will the plane… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Paying Attention

We are always "thinking". Even in our sleep, the unconscious mind is sorting, registering, processing, dreaming. There is a constant conversation going on in our mind that we may or may not be aware of. If we put our attention to listening we might notice the repetitive nature of our inner thoughts and the perspectives they support. If we take the effort to observe this conversation, we might be surprised at what we discover about our beliefs. If we take control of this conversation, we will… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Fear

A young couple won a contest and were awarded an all expense paid vacation to a resort on an island in the Caribbean. They were very excited and happy until a friend told them that this particular island was known for having a lot of snakes. Not being fond of snakes, they had some emotional pause, and being brave, they decide to go anyway. But on the flight to the island their concern about running into snakes grew into fear. So they did not sleep very well that first night, fearful that they… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Love the Process

As children we understand the joy in the experience, the doing and being in the act of creating our life in the moment. Watch kids building a sand castle; on some level they know that the ocean will claim their efforts, but that is not important. The fun is in the making of the castle, the process of creation in that very moment of time.

Too often as adults we get preoccupied with the end product of our efforts. In Alexander Technique lessons, over focus on the results is called… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Opening Your Throat Chakra

Chakras are centers for receiving, processing and transmitting the energies of life, often visualized as spinning vortexes. The throat chakra relates specifically to communication, to speaking and being heard. It is the energetic repository of all the messages we have ever heard about our rights and our abilities to communicate. "Children should be seen and not heard.... What a beautiful voice you have..... I really like talking to you...... You're just shy..... Don't talk back...... Don't say… Continue

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Weekly TIdbit: Making Changes

The culture and family influences we are born into and grow up with have a powerful hold. No matter how much exposure we have to other experiences or beliefs on a conscious level, unless we reach into where the original program lives in the subconscious mind and make updates, that old program stays pretty much the same. Which is why positive affirmations or cognitive restructuring techniques are often not as effective as we would like them to be. It is estimated that 85-95% of our behavior is… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: FInding New Balance

I'm learning HTML, also known as Hypertext Mark-up Language, the predominant language for creating web pages. This is a phenomenal experience for me; computer technology has intimidated me for the longest time. I have always been right brain dominant: intuitive, creative, holistic, artistic, sensitive. I remember being chastised by a friend while playing pinochle when he asked me why I played a certain card and I told him "it felt like the right move". He counted every card and calculated odds… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Desire

Ever really wanted something, wanted it bad, and got it but found that once you had it, it didn't satisfy the way you thought it would? And then you wanted something else. Or maybe there is something that you really want that you just can't seem to get no matter what you do. Or you do get it, but no matter how much of it you have, you want more? You just "Can't Get No Satisfaction". What is it about our desires that can set us up to feel like we don't get what we need?

Martia Nelson,… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Transforming Feelings

I heard a commercial on the radio today that rattled the tahootie out of me. It advertised a drug that would make "you feel like you were in love" and it went on to talk about feeling more hopeful and positive about your life, and that you should ask your doctor to prescribe it and you would get a month supply free. No mention of even needing a symptom to ask for this drug. Are we as a society so far removed from our feelings of love that we need to buy them at the drug store?

This… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Perceptions of Reality

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend earlier today. She had just finished reading the book When Everything Changes, Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsch and called to talk about how some of the concepts in this book could be translated into practical language and applied to our everyday life. That being one of my favorite things to do, we went to town with focus on three perceptions of reality described in that book and how they shape our lives. I had just finished reading… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Relinquishing

Bear Heart, a Muskogee medicine man, wrote a book in collaboration with Molly Larkin called The Wind is My Mother. I have fallen in love with this book, so it might show up in more than a couple of these tidbits. One of the many things they wrote about that spoke to my heart is the difference between releasing and relinquishing.

If we give something to someone, we let go of it in order to give it. But if we have an attachment to what they do with it after we give it to them,… Continue

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Weekly TIdbit: Lessons

A spiritual teacher once told me "when you get to the place where you really like who you are and where you're at, you'll get grateful for all the s#!t that got you there". She was this little old gray haired lady in running shoes who was my boss when I worked for county alcoholism services back in the 80's. I didn't know then that she was my spiritual teacher and what she said often didn't sound spiritual or make complete sense to me but I knew it was important. She ran the residential program… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: The Monkeys Within

Monkey Mind is described by Wikipedia as a Buddhist term meaning "unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconsistent; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable." It is often used as a psychological metaphor for the chattering conversations in our mind hosted by "the Committee" .... conversations that often results in feelings of worry or anxiety. It is the left side of our brain that likes to justify our participation in these discussions; the part of our mind that likes to figure… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: The Transformational Power of Gratitude

The use of gratitude as a transformative tool has been known to me since about 1980. Right around the time I got the name "Charly" I also got a lot of new and powerful tools. But having a tool and knowing how to use it can be two very different things; the learning curve was steep and long with this one. Cultivating "an attitude of gratitude" is a challenge if your head is filled with stinking thinking, woulds, coulds, shoulds, oughts and if onlies. To choose the action of writing each… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: A Celebration of Trust

A friend sent me an email this morning about Sucker Day, an annual celebration in Wetumka, Oklahoma that started in 1950 when a grifter convinced the townspeople that he would stage a circus for them, took their money, and disappeared. When the people discovered the swindle, they laughed at themselves and decided that since they were prepared for having a carnival that they would have one anyway. So they staged their own parade and had such a great time that it has become an annual… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: It's All Good

I have come to believe that everything unfolds in perfect divine order, that everything that happens is a lesson here in Earth School, and that what actually happens to us is not as important as how we deal with it. This is quite a different philosophy than the one I used to live by, and it was severely challenged five years ago when my house was infested with ticks.

Brown dog ticks are the only ticks that have been known to take over a human habitat. Being a researcher, I learned… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Love and Understanding

According to Forrest Carter in his controversial book The Education of LIttle Tree, love and understanding are pretty much the same thing. He describes his Cherokee grandparents' language of affection "I kin ye" as meaning "I love you". His grandma told him that you "couldn't love something you didn't understand" and his grandfather said that back in the day "kinfolks" meant any folks you had an understanding with, that it meant "loved folks", not simply the connection by blood that it… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Relationships

Come Monday I usually start to wonder what am I going to write about for the week's Tidbit. And this Monday it became evident that Relationship is the theme of the week. I am blessed to have relationships with people that give me so much opportunity to learn and grow and express myself. So a moment of gratitude here to all of you who support my education.

My first therapist told me that relationships were the ways in which we resolved our own internal conflicts. It took me a while to… Continue

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Weekly Tidbit: Change in Consciousness

For years people have believed in the immutable power of genetics as the primary factor in human behavior and condition. While the debate between nature and nurture continues, isolated genes have been given credit for ADD and heart disease and dyslexia and cancer and a whole range of dis-eases. I have often heard people use family history as immutable evidence of not being able to change being overweight or some other issue in their life. However, the dogma of DNA as the immutable determiner is… Continue

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