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Joyce Shafer's Blog – February 2010 Archive (4)

Does Gender Influence Prosperity?

True prosperity represents well-being in all areas of our lives. We know men and women are different, but we didn’t know one particular difference affects their prosperity attraction quotient.

Ellie Drake of BraveHeartWomen and Dr. Sugar Singleton hosted a teleconference that was as riveting as informative in its explanation of what they call the prosperity hormones of men and women. More information will be offered here, but one of the most obvious means to see and feel this… Continue

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Create Your Order Form for 2010

This is THE time to get clear about what you want so you know what to aim at. Here’s a simple technique that helps you do this AND expand your magnetic energy.

Whatever you desire does not have to be important to others, only to you.

You know what you want in the areas of work, finance, family, personal development, spiritual development, social and intimate relationships, fun, and health. Or, maybe you sort of know what you want.

One way to amp up your energy… Continue

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The Give and Receive Confusion

Concepts about Give and Receive influence your choices and outcomes. Misunderstood or misconstrued concepts can lead to frustration.

The prevalent statement about this is, “It is better to give than receive.” It’s repeated so often and in such a way, most people don’t feel they have a right (or a reason) to stop and ponder it. It causes some people to over-give or give inappropriately—more often their energy and time than a tangible, and may also block their ability to… Continue

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A New Way to View Goals and Desired Outcomes

Goals and desired outcomes seem to come in two flavors: the ones easier to achieve and the ones we struggle with. There’s a word you can apply to both that can shift the quality of your experiences and take some of the “charge” out of struggle.

Goals and desired outcomes—personal and professional—are imbued with an aspect we are, hopefully, aware of but sometimes aren’t. That aspect is our Why—why we want or feel motivated or inspired about what we say we desire to experience. Your… Continue

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