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Why I feel this place is worth spendng time on as opposed to other social media sites...

Hi Everyone!    I'm going to be encouraging more people visit here, be active and reach out to others. I, like so many others, am on facebook and it's great and all but the more time that goes by the more they are out to harvest people's information and it's getting harder for people to even be able to control who sees what of their posts and so along with a few other things like that I'm slowly going to gravitate towards being here more and spending some of the time I was on fb either here…


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Want to do something that can help the world AND be fun?

Want to do something that can help the world AND be fun? are but a few...

  • Plant or share Trees that can't stay where they started growing...

  • Share in the creation of Music for Peace…


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   We ALL can have a positive effect upon the world. A smile can change a person's life. Which can then change another person's life and so on.

    Everyone please know that each and every one can and does have an effect upon the whole world. We can change the world just with a smile and kind act. Prayer, meditation and intention. Creative energy is positive energy.…


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Learn GUITAR to express yourself, learn writing and recording!


I have in person lessons available (and will soon have SKYPE lessons available) so anyone in the world can learn how to express yourself on guitar, bass or a few other instruments and even learn how to write and record, use processing gear etc.…


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New Project to get TREES PLANTED!

Hey All,

Just last night I got a project started to get trees planted and encourage EVERYONE to do the same either with me or on their own, please check it out and get some trees planted!

Peace to All,


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Videos on my page....

Hi all,

I'm adding a number of songs on here as video but many of them are ending up not in the video player on my page like others have been, but with just a drawing of a little blue and white video camera.....just click on one of those or over on the left of the page where it says videos and it'll take you to them.

At least one a week will be added,  both on here and the project site…


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