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Remembering 9-1-1

When the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center, I was galvanized to action. The following poured through me that morning:

This IS a Test!

Several days later, I sent out the next message:…


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How happy are you?

In Bhutan, GNH ~ Gross National Happiness ~ trumps GNP. Happiness is the ultimate wealth!

Two new articles on happiness now grace my page:

The pursuit of happiness…


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From To-Do to "Ta-Da!"

I'm now a Practical Spirituality Examiner for, and just posted an article that mentions AOAND:

From To Do to Ta-Da!

Enjoy, and if you'd like to become an Examiner, please contact me for a direct referral! Thanks ~

Added by Amara Rose on August 24, 2009 at 1:38pm — 1 Comment

Jesus: Quintessential Everyman

Got a kick out of this, sent to me by cyberpal Jacqui Hoag:

Even God enjoys a good laugh!

There were 3 good arguments that Jesus was Black:

1. He called everyone brother

2. He liked Gospel

3. He didn't get a fair trial

But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Jewish:

1. He went into His Father's business

2. He lived at home until he was 33

3. He was sure his Mother was a virgin and his Mother was sure… Continue

Added by Amara Rose on August 11, 2009 at 1:02pm — 1 Comment

Letting Go Into Love

In her latest issue of Cosmic Time, astrologer Allison Rae offers a potent Lammas message for our dawning Aquarian Age; here's an excerpt:

"The stellium of planets in Aquarius is a beacon. This is where to focus in coming years. The unpredictable energies of Uranus teach us to let go, open to the destructive/creative forces of the Universe, and allow love to shine… Continue

Added by Amara Rose on August 5, 2009 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

Illness As A Spiritual Journey

Last week, I was honored to duet with master retreat coach Helene van Manen on a teleclass for retreat coaches. The topic I chose is one I've lived into deeply: Illness As A Spiritual Journey. You can listen to the entire call here (begins @ 6 mins in):

Illness As A Spiritual Journey

Several people on the call requested the quotes included in the talk.… Continue

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Are You "Chronologically Gifted"?

If you're a card-carrying member of the 50 and better set (or just looking forward eagerly!), please enjoy my article, Life In the Middle Ages, just published on Silver Planet (only took me 2.5 years to discover this amazing resource ~ via Twitter!)

Still… Continue

Added by Amara Rose on July 17, 2009 at 3:04pm — 1 Comment

Recess and Reassess!

∞ This is excerpted from my July newsletter, What Shines. If it resonates for you, please subscribe. Blessings ∞


"Let us fall in love again and scatter gold dust all over the world.

Let us become a new spring and feel the breeze drift in the heavens' scent.

Let us dress the…

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El Paso to N. CA: Going My Way?

Left my beloved Toyota Corolla in El Paso, TX (just over the Mexican border) when I drove there to buy the camper van (all posts about subsequent journey can be found here).

Now I need to bring the car back to northern CA. Know a responsible, non-smoking driver who'd enjoy the adventure? Free ride (I'll cover gas and lodging, and even have suggested people to stay w/ along the way!) Car is old but sturdy (hey,… Continue

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Bird-brained at last! Join me on Twitter ~

Hey Gang,

Finally joined the Tweet Sheet ~ just beginning to learn how it all works. Hope you'll connect with me there, follow, and help explain :-) AOAND is easy compared with Tweeting ~ at least for now.

My page is: _Rose

Amazingly, somebody already is using both my own name and my website URL (, though neither is active, it appears. Hence the underscore.

Am in… Continue

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Surrender, Orgasmic Gas, and Gratitude

I've been on a wild cross-country journey since early May, which is why I've not posted here in awhile. My Health, Wealth and Wisdom blog chronicles my adventures, and I invite you to enjoy and comment.

Ultimate Surrender…


Added by Amara Rose on May 23, 2009 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

A Spiritual Conspiracy

The following came to me this Mother's Day morning from Iona Laing, one of my newsletter subscribers, who is based in South Africa. It sounds similar to Aluna Joy's latest transmission, Spiritual Pandemic, as well as the beginning of my New Nomads article. We're all increasingly on aligned frequencies ...…


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Beltane Benevolence

Today my favorite bank teller said, "Oh, it's the first of May ~ that's called May Day, isn't it?" And I had a perfect opening in which to explain to two intrigued bank employees (the teller next to him was all ears, too!) that the secular version of these holy days leaves a lot out.

May 1st is Beltane: a time for celebrating the beauty and sanctity of all… Continue

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To Receive Your Good

It's an intense time on the planet, to say the least. We're all being squeezed, and what it looks like differs from person to person. Feeling some anxiety over a long-standing challenge in my own life, today I received this wisdom as a forward from my dear 95-year-old friend Ellie ~ yes, she uses email!

Timely, for all of us, it's a variation on, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." The reminder soothed and strengthened me. May it do the same for you. Oh ~ if the word "God"… Continue

Added by Amara Rose on April 19, 2009 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments

Law of "Attractiveness"? Susan Boyle Brings Down the House

The music scene ~ at least in Great Britain ~ has been knocked sideways in the last few years by breakthrough talent in unassuming packaging: first Paul Potts singing Nessun Dorma, and now, 47-year-old Susan Boyle, serenading the judges of Britain's Got Talent with I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables.

Thanks to the… Continue

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Are You Allergic — Or Toxic?

This time of year, many people plunge into abject misery due to the proliferation of pollens and other allergens. But what if your "allergies" actually have a more serious and sinister cause?

As you may know, I spent years spiraling into severe chemical toxicity, a condition conventional medicine not only does not recognize, but denigrates. Yet a… Continue

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The Cosmic Egg

"Exovo omnia." Everything from an egg. ~ William Harvey

When I was taking those first tentative steps towards awakening in 1989-90, I visited a woman who did soul readings. While this is much more commonplace today, the idea sounded quite exotic to me then. I drove north (to the town I now call home) and met with a lovely woman who had me first envision a color (I saw deep magenta), then instructed me to allow it to seep slowly into… Continue

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7 Up! Chakra Fizz

This is a refreshingly clear description about how to "see" chakras, requiring no special clairvoyant capabilities:

How to See Chakras


1. Be real

2. Feel everything

3. Love life

4. Open your heart

5. Express yourself

6. Know your gifts

7. Embrace all… Continue

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Innate Intelligence: The Eyes of the Mind

Back when it was still known as "Laughter of the Heart", I trained in a breakthrough method of public speaking conceived by Lee Glickstein. Speaking Circles made a huge impact in my life, because, like improvisational comedy, which I'd discovered years earlier, it was a safe space in which to allow your essence to emerge: distinct from other forms of speaker training, the Speaking Circles model wasn't about criticism, but… Continue

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Synchronicity Rising! Radio Interview

I was just on BlogTalkRadio discussing how attuning to synchronicity can help us create the lives we most want:

Synchronicity Rising!

The show itself is a study in synchronicity: My host is none other than Stephen of, a leading Architect whose young daughter is… Continue

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