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Cindy paulos's Blog – January 2010 Archive (28)

holding the Light

Holding the Light

Hold the Precious Light you are Given

Out like a Lantern

Let it be a Beacon that

Shines through the Darkness

Be not afraid to Shine

Your Light Forth

For Each Light Given

is Showing the Way for Others on the path

And when one Light Shines Forth

Others have the Courage to Hold Out their Light

Til the pathway is Lit

By Many Lanterns of the Souls

Creating a Pathway of Light Through the… Continue

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Miracle of Love

The Miracle of Love

Let the Light of Creation

Bring the Miracle of Love into your Heart

The Unconditional Love that Creates

Our Reason for Being

For When we Love Unconditionally

We are an Agent of the Highest

A true blossom of Creation

All of Life is Nourished by this Love

The Love that Sees into the Soul of our Being

To the Truth of Who we are

In the Potential that Carries the

very Seeds of Our Purpose

and the… Continue

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The Presence

The Presence

There is a Presence

That is alive with Spirit

It is your divine Being

The Presence speaks to your very soul

And holds the Light of the Fire

That Burns within your Heart

Breath in the Light of the Presence

Merge with the Energy it Brings to You

And allow the Presence to bring

The Gift of Who you Are

To the Essence of the Love that

burns in your Heart

Welcome the Presence in Others

And… Continue

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The Robe and the Chalice

The Robe and The Chalice

Surrender to the Love

That is from the Heart of God

Surrender to the Light of Creation

You can be a pilgrim of the way on the Path

that leads to the Presence of the Holy Spirit

Reach Out and Hold the Chalice and

Let it be filled with the Nectar of God

Let it be filled with all the Soul Knows and

Drink in the Blessings

of the Masters who would help you transform the World with Wisdom and a Love

that carries the… Continue

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Captured Angel

Captured Angel

You Can Hear the Angels Song

As they Journey through the

Gateway to heaven

So Listen deep and Listen long

As they bring you the Music of Heaven

Between the light of Night and Day

They do not sleep

The Love they Bring I do so seek

As they Journey through

The gateway to heaven

You can hear the Angels Song

As they Journey through the gateway to Heaven

So listen Deep and Listen Long

As they bring you the Music of… Continue

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The Voice of the Soul

The Voice of the Soul

Still the Mind

And Allow the Stillness to Bring you Peace

It is in the Quiet

That the Voice of the Soul can be heard

Let it speak to you

And Listen and Receive the Energy it Brings

For the Language of the Soul is made of Light

And Brings a Message to Guide you on

Trust in your Inner Guidance

And see the whisperings of Truth

That come alive in you

For as the Mind Asks, the Soul… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on January 3, 2010 at 9:41am — 1 Comment

Our Relation with Creation

Our Relation with Creation

The Fabric of Spirit is Woven

Into our very Being

Brought in Waves of Breath and Light

As we Embrace the Pure Energy of our Being

We use it to feed our thoughts and perceptions

And create our way of Life

You are the Conductor of your Song

You are the Artist choosing the palette

For your Masterpiece

Yet the energy of Creation is of Spirit

And Invokes the Universe

As It is… Continue

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New Years Resolutions

The Understanding of Intent

Divine Intent is the Energy with Which

The tone of our action is set

When Making Resolutions

we are re- looking at Solutions

We are setting out on a new adventure

Into understanding and encountering our selves

We will also be calling upon others at times

So there could be interaction of how we relate

To others and seek their help

And we can also see how we are reflected through others

It… Continue

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