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Cindy paulos's Blog – February 2010 Archive (26)

Precious Gifts of God

Precious Gifts of God

Precious Gifts of God

Come from the meeting

Of the Absolute Reality

To this Now Moment

Listening to the Call

Of the Holy Vessel of Light

A Truth that can Experience

Holding Nothing but the True Presence

The Sacred Hope is Alive

With Each Silent Meeting

Of the Soul and it’s Source

Words Whispered

Echo the Promise Given

To Each Pilgrim on the Path

The World Wakens… Continue

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The Light of my Soul

The Light of My Soul

The deepest Breath

Of Who you are

Asks to be Revealed

To be merged

With the One in All

To see

To sense

To look within

And recognize the Truth

Nothing is Holding you back

From the Total Awareness of Now

The Greatest gift of Source

Is Yours

Just waiting to Be

You Are the Light

Of my Soul

Tireless Companion

On the Long Journey of Life

Let the… Continue

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This Precious moment

This precious Moment

A breeze, a Spark, a whisper of Light

A breath of Recognition

A shifting of what is and what shall be

Oh, it is you

My guiding Light

My constant Being

My eternal soul

How do you appear

And hold on to

This ephemeral Moment in time

We are beyond words

You and I

We are beyond the Form

That we take

How many Moments

Can we Call our Own

When we merge who we… Continue

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Take a Moment

Take a Moment

Take a Moment to recognize

Who you are

The Spirit Within this Life

A Precious Jewel of Myriad Colors

an Infinite Light of radiance

All held within this dream form

Asking for Acceptance

Searching for a Place to Be the Miracle of Creation

How can such a Gift be Held and Not shared

For in Giving and receiving

We Celebrate the Joy we are

Do not Hide the Love That you are

Let the Light that… Continue

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Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask

See with the Eyes of the Heart

The true value of each and Every Soul

Behind the mask of the Life’s Role

Is a Radiant Being

Waiting to unfold

Searching for the Truth within

To be revealed

Longing for Love and Recognition

See the Presence that lies within

And allow that part of the Being to Emerge

Behold the innocent Child of God

With the Purity of their Highest Nature

Waiting to be… Continue

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Radiant Blissful Light of the Presence

I breathe with the One

Breath of Life

I redeem my heritage and destiny

I allow every atom of the

Pure Love that you are

To fill my Body, Mind and Soul

For you are my Purpose

You are my Very being

And I accept this Love

that holds the Core of my soul

to Open and receive

and forgive all the barriers of Fear

So I may be a

Pure Vessel and Channel of the… Continue

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Open Your Heart

Open your Heart

Open your Heart to the Blessed

Miracle of God’s Love

Which is here with You

In this Sacred Moment

If you Just Believe

Believe in the Good

In Each and Every Soul

Believe in the Possibilities

So Love may Grow

We are Children of The Light

And When we open our Hearts

With the innocence of a Child

The Love that we have

Waiting in Our Soul Comes into our Being

To Become that Presence of… Continue

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The Miracle of Life

The Miracle of Life

As the Lotus Blossoms

To the Sun

To reveal its beauty

So the Souls Light

Graces the Being

Opening the Heart to Love

And Enlightening the Mind

We are Miracles of Creation

Unfolding with the Grace of God

Blessed with Gifts from Spirit

Becoming the Flowers

In the Garden of Heaven

See the Beauty of Who you Are

Breath in the Fragrance of Heaven

And Blossom to the Light

With Reverence… Continue

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The presence within the Presence

The Presence within the Presence

The Presence within the Presence

Is called upon

To be Held without Holding

By Just Being

Without knowing

Just Being

With Presence

For the Presence is Beyond the Mind

Recognized by Spirit

And transforming Form

The Presence calls the Holy Spirit Home

And is alive by being the Presence

The Answer to Our questions

The greater Formless Force

Which Speaks throughout… Continue

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The presence in humanity

The Presence of Humanity

The Lights Presence is Alive

Throughout the Whole of Humanity

Each Flame burning Bright

Through the Darkest night

Alive within the Spirit to be free

Come to meet the Masters

Before the Break of Dawn

Their Souls are dedicated so all can be as One

You can hold the Truth

In your very Soul

The Presence there is waiting

Let it take control

Bring your Sacred Presence

To the light of… Continue

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The Source of Being

The Source of Being

The Abundant Source f All elements
Is Alive in your Soul

As you Accept the possibilities
Of all that you are,
You receive the Rainbow rays of Light
That are alive in your soul

Sacred Awakenings are opening to this presence
As they find a home in your acceptance

All of the Universe is Reflected
In the Radiance of this Holy Moment
As you fulfill your purpose
In Being here Now

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The Living Presence

The Living Presence

See the Living Presence

In all of Life Creations

The pure Essence of Being is alive in You

And as you Receive

This Pure Spirit into your Heart and Mind

You discover the Energy

That connects all souls

As you Share the Presence

And Allow others to see it revealed

In their Beings

The Pure Light of this Love is Exchanged

Revealed in the Vibration

Of the Essence of the Soul

Breath in the… Continue

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Living Light...Birthday message

Living Light

We are the living Light of God’s Love

An Open Channel that Holds the Blessings of Joy

With Every breath we

Share our energy

With the Source

Of all Energy

With Every lesson we Awaken

To the Moment of Now

To reveal the Miracle of Existence

So Open your Life

To the Truth of the Magic of Who you are

Embrace the Circle of Life

And the Path

That brings you to the Center of All

See the… Continue

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True Love


True Love understands who you are

And asks you to Be that Love

With Compassion and Kindness

Through all of Life’s Experiences

The Shadows and the light

Deep within

We see the role of the soul

In being True Love

For True Love Lives

In the Hearts of Every Being

Hidden and Protected

A Jewel of radiant Beauty

Shining and Bright

A Magnet

Uncovered and Pure

In the Heart of Hearts

Be… Continue

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The Presence Of Love


Love, Love and still Greater Love

Welcome the Presence of Love

Into your very Soul and Heart

Love ,Love and Still Greater Love

Feel it touch every Part

Let it Give you the Gift of Sharing

Who you really are

Let it Shine the Light of Lights

Through you everywhere

Take down all the Barriors

Remove all defenses you have held

Let forgiveness and Compassion

Free you of all Fear

Come… Continue

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Stand fast in the true Light of

Understanding your Purpose

And your true reason for being here

Remember the gift of your vision

To see through all distraction

And follow the path of service everywhere

There is a Love so Great inside

There is a Light so Bright

It motivates your Being

And inspires you to do what’s right

When you’re seeking answers

Always look within

And call upon the… Continue

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One with All


For the Good of All

This Conscious Life of One Love

Brings the Holy Presence of Spirit into Our Beings

With Veil of the Living Experience we Learn to Integrate

The Receiving of the Gifts of the Blessings

With the Choice to Work for the Good of All

This Choice is Our Direction

These Gifts are our Reward

Not to be held in Secret

But Woven into our Lives with Gratitude

To use with the Understanding for the Roles we… Continue

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The Light Weavers

The Lightweavers

In the Light of the One

Is the Spark of the Flame of All

As one Soul Ignites it activates inspiration

That the whole can Share

Each Flame that burns is a Beacon that leads us on

Each Heart that Loves from the Heart of God

Opens a way to feel the pure Love within

Each silent Wanderer weaves a

Cosmic Design in the Universal Fabric of Being

We are the Light Weavers

Speaking the language of the… Continue

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Open up to the God Within

And Receive the Blessings of Light

Open Up to the Masters

Who stand in the circle of Christ

Take your Place in humbleness

Be grateful for it All

There is a Power in the Ones who Serve

And Who have heard the Silent call

Always there are lessons

Which Come up in your Life

Always you will find a Way

To reach beyond the Strife

Listen for the Guidance

Have Faith and Still… Continue

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Beyond the Beyond

2/7 Beyond the Beyond

Beyond the Beyond

The Core of All Lies

All the Dreams and Fantasies

Disperse within this Eye

I exist beyond the Veil

The Dreams sweet bridge of sighs

In the Core the Mirror Lies

And From Here it is you’ll Find

What is Eternal and Never dies

From the Smallest Grain of Sand

To the Cosmos Greater Scheme

The Blueprint for the Spirit

Brings the life Force to be Seen

Let the Endless… Continue

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