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Answer only to God

Answer only to God

And as the world limits you and takes

A toll that is exacting to the soul

Remember the true calling

The ancient promise

And the hearts true direction

And answer only to God

For God’s Guidance will

Show you the Way to find

The Love that is your true intention

The path that is the way to be

Working for the good of all

And as you remember the Promise to serve

The answers you seek will come to… Continue

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The Truth is Universal

The World is changing rapidly, and as we all get on the same page, people of the world are demanding teh same rights. The Truth is Universal, an dthe World is catching up with that.

The Truth is Universal

As I journey on the Road of Life

A Whole new World to See,

Surrounded by new places

And so many different ways to be,

As I look into the Hearts and the Eyes I do Believe,

That there are Truths Universal

That are the Same in you and… Continue

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Call upon the Soul

You are so much more then you body and mind.

You are the Living Essence of your Soul, which holds your true eternal identity.

It is at the core of your being and it holds the pure light that can connect you to the very Source of Creation.

When you are still and open to receive it you can call upon the Soul to calm you and direct you and to guide you.

You can indeed, “Ask, and ye shall Receive, Knock and the Door will be opened unto you”.The Principles of… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on February 22, 2011 at 8:45am — 1 Comment

While seated in teh Golden room

Yesterday I wrote about being seated at teh Throne in the Godlen Room

and I realized that I didn't take you to what can happen there. so here is what I see happens while you are on teh throne of God

While Seated in the Room of Gold and in the Silence of your Soul

You call in the Light of God that surrounds you

The Light that comes from the very Source of creation.

You attune to the light and feel it come into your mind enlightening you with the most brilliant… Continue

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Meditation Crossing the Lotus Lake

You have been on a path walking and searching for a Memory that is deep within your Soul. You come to a clearing and see the most beautiful Golden light in the sky and you look out to see a Deep blue lake filled with the most wonderful Lotus Buds that have emerged from the depths of the mud below and have now found the Sun and the emerging buds reach up to this source of light.

Across the lake is a Walkway of Golden Steps that reach to a Temple on the other side.

You begin to cross… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on February 20, 2011 at 10:14am — 1 Comment

Carry On

Carry On

Hold your Mind Steady in the Light

Hold your very Being tuned

To the presence of the One true

Source of all Creation

Hold your direction to the Light of God Within

The Holy Meeting place where you find

The inner connection

With the true identity of your Soul

Let that energy comfort you

Let that Light give you strength

Let that Light be your compass

And let it reveal

The power of being a True reflection… Continue

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Is this the Way that Love is

Is This the Way that Love is

As I wander in the Forest

Of the Worlds Illusions here

I find myself just searching

For the Love that’s oh So near

As I walk alone in Silence

I feel the Presence ever Clear

Is this the Way to find it

In the Quiet that is pure

Is this the Way that Love is

Is this the Path I find

Always standing by and waiting

As I hold out my hand

Is this the Way that Love is

When still your… Continue

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Waken Now

Waken Now to the Light

And call on the forces

Of the Legions of Angels, Masters and Guides who stand by

Let the Guardians Guide the Way

To the Place where you may be in Peace

To be restored, rejuvenated and reinspired

So you may do the Work

That you have come to do

You are a Divine Servant

Of the One

A blessed Child of heaven

And you have the power

To see through the Darkness

And into the Heart of Truth

And… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on February 17, 2011 at 8:49am — 2 Comments

The Divine Flower

The Blossoming of the Soul

The Still Small Voice

Is begging to be heard

A lifeline across the Shadowy shores of illusion

The sound that holds a beacon out

A Way to return to the truth

Of the One true light

That Shines from your Soul

Listen only to this truth

That comes from the Source

And ask not for the darkness to support

The dissolution of Illusion

For Ego feeds Ego and Cannot bear the light

It’s armor can not… Continue

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A birthday Message

2/15/11 Identity

Find your true identity

The very heart of your Soul

Here in the depths of your Being

Hear it Calling to you

Across the veils of time

Feel it drawing you

Into the precious Silence

Beyond your Mind

to just Be

Always waiting

Never failing

Deep within

Here with me

I stand in the presence naked

An outline of the Sacred Seal of God

Reflected upon my very soul

Fed by… Continue

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This Field of Dreams

The Precious Field of Dreams

There is a seed of Truth within all of life’s field of Dreams

There is some element of Spirit that has brought us to

the time and place we are participating in amidst the

field of Wild Flowers that grow amidst the weeds.

All thrive on life.

And how we view this field

is part of how we perceive our life’s dream.

Do we say, Ah the flowers are beautiful and dismiss the weeds.

Do we see just the weeds and… Continue

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A Prayer, All is Well

Oh radiant Divine Source of all Creation

Let me be attuned to the vibration and energy of your perfect Light.

Let it fill my mind

and come into my body to heal and energize me.

Oh Perfect love,

Let your Beauty and Understanding flow through me

So I may open my heart to your Glory and find a way

For my life to be lived with compassion and kindness.

Fill me with your unconditional love

A love that identifies my caring with the way you lift us to… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on February 7, 2011 at 7:38am — No Comments

Stress Free travel book

Aloha everyone,

I'm writing a geat new book, "stress free Travel, a Better Way to Fly,

I's a complete guide to everything you need to know to have a good travel experience, from preparing for

the trip, packing, ways to get through airport efficiently, and wonderful ideas on how to use your time flying in a creative productive, way, I have tips to keep from worrying and positive affirmations, plus some great meditations about traveling to ease your mind and keep you… Continue

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the powerof Now

the Power

I have the Power to come into a place of perfect peace

Within myself.

I choose to be in that place of Calm and Peace

In this perfect moment.

I see my body as a Divine temple

And with every breath I take I am bringing relaxation and healing light to release any tension that may exist within this temple of my body.

With each breath I am clearing my mind and releasing all thoughts that do not serve me in this moment.

I see a Perfect… Continue

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Silent Hearts cry out...For Egypt

Silent hearts cry out

Silent Hearts Cry Out

See the changing light

All the powers that be

Stand by and watch to see

How the hearts do call

For freedom til they fall

Silent Hearts cry out

The world prays

That each life counts

To all the tyranny to end

To find a way to make amends

Silent Hearts we Pray

For peace to lead the way

May there be some way

For right to rule someday

Let that day be… Continue

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