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Cindy paulos's Blog – March 2012 Archive (11)

To Live in the Fullness of Being Love

Live in the Fullness of Being Love.

For Love’s wild delight is Love,

It is  a Love that can live

in all aspects of the Many ways

In which you express yourself.


Ah, the power to Believe with the Strength

Of the whole Body, Mind and Soul,

That you can accept all of who you are

And in being Love free yourself

To know the Joy that is alive In your being.


And in the simple acceptance that say yes,



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What does it take to survive

                  To  get yourself through


                  Brilliant breath of being,

Shine Your light on Me

Radiant thoughts

That come to bring,

The life that supports me and you.


What is it you must give to make it,

                   And all of what you need to create

                    To live and love and come to terms with your life

And still find a way to get through.


Til at some point…


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the echoes of the Halls of heaven

And somewhere in these hollowed halls of heaven

There comes a calling in God’s name

And all the sounds of the universe sing forth

In harmony to now reclaim

The mystical wave of energy

that flows through space and time

And Asks us to remember

Our original face before we hid behind the masks to find

 the freedom to be Who we really are

And not who the world wished us to be .

For our time on this earth is limited



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the Garden of Gethsemane

Garden of Gethsemane


AS we feel the Love God has for this World

And the Love the Christ had to face,

We come to a place where we need to go

To see the problems we need to embrace.

For in this world of God’s creation

Where spirit is alive in form,

We find at some point we encounter

The lines between light and dark that are formed.


Perhaps we have hidden from the Garden of Gethsemane,

Perhaps we were asleep…


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shelter from the storm

There for You


And if you need some shelter from the storm

You have a place to go,

That is safe in the light of the highest plan

Which is right there in your soul.


And if you need to call on me

You know I will always be there.

Within the love that’s in your heart and soul,

So don’t worry or despair.


For I am always there for you,

Even when you can’t see me I am near.

And in the gift of…


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Once upon a dream

Once upon a dream, the sons of men did play,

Upon an ancient rock in space

That was born in creations day.

This sacred world was given,

The freedom just to be,

Alive with breath and the chance to fulfill

A greater destiny.

Or perhaps it was an experiment, this chance

At life as God in form.

And if there were millions willing to live it

Surely one would make remember the goal.

And breathe the truth that could lead us…


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The Heart of Understanding

The Heart of Understanding


Come, Oh come, to this world

And know, the Heart of understanding.

Bring the compassion it takes to be alive

To understand that here God’s love abides

In the Heart of Understanding.


This is not a religion, or a Sunday kind of thing

It’s being here 24/7 and all that means

To being human and the truth that brings.


Come, oh come, to the hidden places only you can…


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A sincere question for God

But what did you expect God,

When you merged Darkness with the Light?

When the Human Form was given the power of one eternal life.


When Once upon  a time in the Garden of Eden there came,

the freedom to taste the Apple,

And still be born again.


What did you think when you made the promise so long ago

To let us know you in all below.

And yet you must have known

 how we forget to remember so easily when we get…


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a calling of sorts

And the cosmic net of the higher dimension of being

Is thrown out to catch the spinning world

And hold it in the archetypal image

Of the hands of God’s sweet Love.


And the seeds of this love are planted in the hearts of those

Who open themselves to believe, to be the ones who will work for the salvation of Humanity and the belief of an awakened Soul which is ready to know a better way to live.


For we dwell upon a threshold and we…


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The Music of the spheres

All the energy of the Universe

Is brought down to the One

Where the sacred Light is held

That is the source of what’s to come.


Here in this Birth of Living Light

The energy is born,

To flower into the precious jewel

Where light becomes the form.


Let the spirit sing,

Let the song be heard.

Our hearts desire is calling out,

And  love is what occurs.


Let the earth be…


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Own your life

Own your life,

With all of who you are.

With a lifetime of achievement and failure,

With all of the feelings of  great pleasure and pain.


Own your heart and it’s hidden hope

The silent beating has fed.

For the fire that still burns,

For the promise that it remembers,

And the vow given to believe that what matters most is love.


Own your soul,

And the spirit that has led you to find

The kingdom of…


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