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Behind the Face of God

Behind the Face of God


What is behind each Face we see

And yet we can not know?

What is Behind the Smile of love

That comes from what we behold?


Can you Heart the Silent Song

In each heart just waiting to be sung?


What is behind the Face of God

That hides the great unknown?

And yet pray so deep for Help

In hopes it may be shown.


And if you were to see

The face of…


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the God Game




This God Game


Here we are in this God Game

Playing with our Lives to win the keys

To the Delicious Light and the love that is offered

as the prize that and sets us free.


For we have heard the tales of Ecstasy

 that others have found as they entered the game.

And once you’ve tasted of what’s offered

from that magic cup, you only want a taste more

and you think that will be…


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How would you hold God's Love

How would you hold the Presence of God’s light?

How would you in form this form,

and let it be alive in the radiant expression of being human?


How would you let your soul sing forth to the Petals of the Flower

that blossoms as a lotus, from the roots in the earth molton fire,

 to the heights of the realms of infinite Spirit.


How do you express the exquisite beauty

 that shimmers in the Vibration of the Path,

and is a…


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the Key

All the  teachers of The Way encourage the ones on the Path,

To embrace the truth of who they are and to ack knowledge

The connection of the unbroken flow of energy anchored

 Within the point of light in the mind of God

To the receptive point within your consciousness.

And so we say Yes, to a power that is inherent within our souls,

Which connects us to the Cosmic Consciousness.

While still functioning in the limited time and space of Earths…


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The Freedom to Be

The freedom to Be


Can you perceive an Invitation to Be with God.

For beyond all the striving to know and to be known,

There is the Simple Gift of being.


Being beyond the limitations of how you have been known.

For Who you are is far more than how you are known.


What you choose to be

And how you choose to be it

Is governed on Earth by the laws of time, space and karma,

As you live as a soul in…


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And now in the new Light of the soul’s calling

You can hear Beyond the language of Silence,

You can see with the Heart’s vision of Love.

You can Activate the energy

 that is being brought into our higher Consciousness,

that is aligned with the resource in the furthest realms of God’s being.

For this energy  is there within the spark of your soul.

And  throughout the Cosmos this energy

is reverberating with the…


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Accept the Light and Love that you are

Accept the Light that is there within you,

Accept the gift of the Love that you are.

For from that point of Love and Light within you

All love and light God’s Light and Love is found.


And from that seat within your soul

all love and light must grow.

And from that point within you can learn

To let the love you have for yourself grow

so that you may find that love within others.


Believe that you are worthy of this…


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God is right there inside you!

So long you have searched for Love,

So long has been this journey.

And along the path you have found so many clues,

And always continued on.

And truly God’s light has shined forth with every breaking dawn.

And you have seen heavenly reflections each and every day

And at night you have seen the glory of the stars in the universe

The beauty of the full moon reflected in a lake,

And by day you have seen the sun glistening in the dew drop…


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This Precious moment

Oh, for a blessed Moment, let yourself be,

In the precious Presence of the Lord,

And experience the Miracle of Creation.


Let go of thinking, Let go of trying, let go of all

That has been a burdon in your life,

Let go of all conception about who you are ,

And just breathe in the bliss of this Moment of being.


For there is such a great Beauty that is here

And there is such great glory to behold

When you let…


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On this day of Miracles the door to the Kingdom of the Highest realms open and the blessings of heaven are showered upon the world and all those whose hearts are present in the celebration that is the resurrection. For it is the celebration that is offered to all who would believe. It is the gift of life eternal. And it is the path to God’s Kingdom. And it is the anointing of all souls who are the path of God

And today we take a moment to stop and see the rising sun and though we are…


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Easter Message

Dear Lord

Come into my heart and Soul

So that your divine presence fills my being

So I may become one with the energy you hold.

Be my voice,

Let your light be my light,

Let you love be my love

Let your vision guide me,

And  your words inspire and direct me.


For when you were transformed from Body to Spirit

You gave us the greatest gift,

So that we can also be transformed by your light and love.



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Here on earth

Here on earth


When you experience the power of God’s love

You then search for the ways you may serve that love

Here on Earth


When you experience the truth God’s light

You have the vision to bring that light

To those in darkness

Here on Earth.


When you experience the bliss of heaven

Your soul is inspired to bring that Heaven to those

Here on Earth


When you are Here on…


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once upon a dream

Once upon a dream


If you listen with your heart

You can hear the call

That came from the Highest mountaintop

All those years ago


For a man once had the courage to dream

And he knew the inner truth

He listened to the call of God

And spoke to us of the dream he knew.


And many have found the way

And many have heard the call

And many have dreamt the dream

And many have given it their…


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