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The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love

The Greatest love

Is the Love that lives

in the true light of Understanding.

It is complete in God’s Holy Breath that is alive in you.

as the Greatest Love.

It allows all of

Who you are and What you are

To be Seen and Known,

And to be brought forth and offered as a gift

To the Greatest Love.

It accepts all things

And has in its innocence

The offering of Truth.

It is the way to believe in… Continue

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Your Life is an answered Prayer

Your Life is an answered Prayer

Oh, Great Father of all Light

Oh, Great Mother of Divine Love

We bow before you and give thanks for the Divine mystery

Of our Life and the Sacred way of truth.

We open our hearts o the most powerful

of Truths that guide us to your revelation.

That our Lives are an Answered Prayer.

We give thanks to the Angels and Servants of the Lord,

Who work to bring the blessings of your being here on Earth.

And to… Continue

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Restore the Energy

Of the One perfect Love.

Restore the Balance

Of the Divine Feminine.

And Bring the love that can heal

All you are,

Into your very heart,

And Into your very Being.

This is the Light and Love

You can Claim from your Source and Maker.

This is the Energy that you Know to be your direct lifeline

Of your soul to God.

That is the Perfect Power

That leads you to call Forth

The… Continue

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Have Faith

Have Faith

Have Faith, for This Faith

Includes the Love that brings Healing.

This Faith Recognize

The power of Light to bring the Love

Into the Heart and Restore its Being.

This Faith is Born of Knowing.

The knowing of the Inherent Structure of God at Work

In the process of becoming involved with the Masters

and the Ones Who show the way With those on the path.

And what is Faith but belief.

Because the heart believes… Continue

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The New eLvel of Light

The Next Level of Light

Now the Next level of Light Comes.

Claim this point of Light as your Heritage,

Your entitlement, your entrance to this place of Heaven.

For your Soul is of the Son,

The Radiance of your Being

is born of the Love that is of the Creator.

That very Breath is Your Very Breath.

That very Life is your very life to Live.

That great Love is yours to Be and To know.

There are no limitations in the Oneness… Continue

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Be Strong

Be strong as a Lion

And Flow like the River of Life.

Bathe in the Violet Flame that holds the purity Of the Morning Rain.

Let the Wind Bring you the Breath of Fire,

And sooth your restless spirit

To allow you to sit with God’s Presence in Silence.

So you may be in the Light.

And Hold Steady in the Love that would

Have you forgive yourself and

those who have held you prisoner

from how your soul would have you be.

For we are all… Continue

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Our Daily Bread

The Blessings of Your Daily Bread

Lord give us your daily Bread,

And with the blessings of your Mana From Heaven,

Let us feed our body, mind and Soul

So that we are full,

We are Complete, and we are able to Give

To others as you have given to us.

For if we are given your blessings of Love,

of abundance, and the Light of Your wisdom,

We may be able to be Vehicles for

Love, Understanding and Compassion,

So that we may give these… Continue

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Let the darkness go

All of the secrets,

That live in the shadows,

Set them out to be free

Don’t let them wallow.

In the Light of the new Day

They can be Taken away,

So let go of them now and right here today.

You can be free to smile,

And free to laugh,

Free of he ancient dramas,

And the chains you’ve

Carried and cursed.

Allow all of the burdons that you have carried,

To be given to God

And with Forgiveness Be married.

All… Continue

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I am Complete

I am Complete

In the Love that is of the One Love.

I am Alive in the Radiant Enlightenment

That feeds the Fire within.

And I claim this Light to fill my heart

With a Love that is the reason you bring.


For this moment holds my Choice

To be all that I truly am.

And in this Moment I hear the Voice,

That Heals and lets me Believe

That with God…


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Soar into the breaking Dawn,

Fly with Wings of Light.

Let me Match the Flight of the Doves,

That are called to be in flight.


Into the radiant rays of the Sun,

free to follow visions sight,

to be above the earth,

and look into the Ultimate face of Light.


All of the Prayers of this Planet,

Are carried by…


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The Lord our God is One God

The Messengers of God are One


The Masters are all Messengers of God.

And when we listen Closely to out teachers words,

We find it is their deep Love of God

That joined them to Him to be able to bring

The Word of God to humankind.


The words of the Masters all worship

The light that is from the Source of all.

It is the light that has enlightened the ones…


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True Connection

True Connection


Let there be a true connection

Of your Love into my soul.

Let your constant beacon

Be my guide,

As the journey here unfolds.


There is a Fire that flickers,

A spark that burns so bright.

It carries a great energy,

To lead me to the light.


Let there be a true connection

Let you grace come here to me.

Let the Love that means so Much,

Be the force that sets me…


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The Point of Reckoning

The Point of Reckoning


There is a Point of Reckoning

Where your reasons for your life

Need to ring true

There is some point of offering,

What you have to give

To make your hearts purpose Rule.


Somewhere along life’s long winding Road,

We pause and we take a Look.

We ask if our life’s made a real difference,

For with God your…


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Clear, Clear, Clear,

Right here in the Light of the Lord.

Born anew from the all the shadows,

Step into the shining House of the Lord.


Let all the fears slip away now,

Let all of the Limitations go.

As you are drawn by the Power of God’s Grace,

You understand now what you’ve hoped to know.


Clear, Clear,…


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A thief in the Night

A Thief in the Night


Lord Fill Me with your Sweet Light

For I am Just a desperate Thief in the Night.

I long to soar to heavens door

Where the angels whisper at God’s Shore


I faintly hear the Song they Sing

This  Song of all the Love they bring.

And Something in my heart takes Flight

As I follow the angels through the night.


Let me be…


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This faith

This Faith Even in the darkest night

There is a flickering of the Soul’s Light.

For I believe there is watch kept,

Even on all sleeping souls.

Or Are we tossed like dice,

Across the Universe To play out our roles.

Is there a greater game,

And does God then use us in his Name?

But what of those Angels

Who keep an eye out for me?

And what of the Guardians at the gate

Who see so deep? What of all the servants of the…


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Heal this Weary Heart

So more lyrics are I supposed to find some way to do more music??


Lord Heal this Weary Heart.


Lord Heal this Tired and Weary Heart

Let Redemption come to me

Let the Light you Carry

Show me How To be


All that I have longed for

Was to know a Love Divine.

All that I’ve been Searching For

Was to let your Presence be with…


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Unlimited radiant Light.

Let your Formless Source Be present

In the True Christ Spirit.

For I believe that as Christ was

A Teacher and a Healer, and at One with God,

So we can learn from his Living Heart of Love.


And if we can be open

To the unlimited Power of this Love in our Life,

We can be a part of this Network of all…


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A prayer

Sweet love of the Lord,

Let the Spark of Light Within my Soul

Be Ablaze with the Eternal Fire

That is of your Spirit.

May the Divine Love that teaches me to believe

In my Heart of Hearts,

That there is a Sacred Gift that you Have given me,

That feeds my faith,

And Nourishes my life,

And it is this Love

That is alive in me in this very Moment.

And When I try and Try in my mind

To Justify myself, I can only come back to my… Continue

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A new page

If your Life was a New page

Where anything could be written,

If all the unlimited possibilities

Were now Possible,

How would you fill that page?

What would you create in your world?

God’s gifts are unlimited.

It is only your mind that limits

How God’s gifts are received.

So open your mind

To the Creative Love Filled Self.

See the Good that God Brings.

Believe in the Miracles

That are happening in every… Continue

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