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Cindy paulos's Blog – September 2010 Archive (4)

the Teachings

The teachings..On the Path of the teacher

Would that you would see the Soul

Through the many layers of Masks and veils

That has hidden your true Presence

Would that you could impress

the Reflection of God’s true Perfection

as the way to connect and make contact with others

no Ego can hide the True power of the Presence

and by allowing the Soul to be expressed in its full light

you will be able to recognize and serve…

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Brightest light

Brightest Light

Brightest Light of the Universe

I greet you and Ask to Receive Your Blessings

I ask to be a Pure reflection of the One Source of Creation

And to Recognize the Brilliance That I am

And in the meeting of your Divine Glory

May I know the Choice of Acceptance

To be the I am that I am

To place no Limitations on the Holy Spirit

That gives us the grace to be reformed


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Become your Soul

Become your Soul

You need not search alone in the darkness

For the Guiding Light of your One Shining star

You need not do anything

But release your striving and be

For when you Be

You can become the Essence of the Presence of Light

The truth of Your Being

Comes with Absolute Certainty

That the Light of God I Alive in You

The depths of the One source of all Energy

Is inherent in the Soul

And By Just Being you can… Continue

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The Awakening

As you Awaken from the Dream

Of your life’s dream

You emerge with a New Light

To See how the path of Your journey

Has been touched by the traces of your Love

Now the Blessed Angels of God And the Beloved Masters of the HighestCall and ask you to Surrender To the truth of Who you are

Let your Life become a tool to Serve the teachingsBecome a Beacon to Burn through the Darkness And Be a Chalice that…


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