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Cindy paulos's Blog – September 2011 Archive (23)

All is revealed

All is Revealed


In the light of the New day

All that you are is revealed.

Nothing is hidden.

All is Brought Forth

To be offered to the Fire that feeds

The Spark of the Soul.

From the depths of the Shadows,

The secrets are revealed,

All the kindness, all the Cruelty,

All the Love and the hate is seen and known.




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The Experience


Open your arms to this Now moment,

Tasting each breath,

engaging in each smile,

Feeling each precious moment as a gift.


There is not any time to waste,

There is not any lesson learned

When you Hide from your life.

When you distract your self from being Present.

Do not look away

from this moment you…


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The Prince of Peace


Lay down your Battle with Life my Friend,

Lay Down Your the fight

Let it now end.

Lay down the need to defend

what you say and you do,

And let God’s Will work with you,

And bring Peace unto you,

For God’s got your back.

So you can just be,

A child of God’s love

And in God’s Love you are…


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The Practice of Living Love

The living of Love


Lord let my life be complete in the

Living of your love.

Let my heart be open to share

 the miracles you have revealed

in the Sweetness of Loves way.


Let me believe

That I can always be aligned

With you in my thoughts, words, and deeds,

As I seek the Way, the truth and the Life.

And let me cherish the…


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Some understanding

Some Gift of Understanding


Here is Some offering,

Some gift of understanding,

As I greet this day and all it may bring,

I pray that I may meet and be present to

All that comes my way,

With each encounter full of the breath of life.

And open to God’s Love

with great compassion for all

sharing this time and space.

God, may your life…


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Door to God

The Door to God


There is a doorway to God

And it is there within our Soul..

There is an Entrance to the Path

With everyone we know.

There is such kindness and such love,

Amidst the Hatred and the pain.

There is a reason from above

That will allow your hope to remain.

You can open up the doorway,

And find the light inside.

You can…


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Our Daily bread

Your daily Bread

Sweet Lord,

Let my Daily Bread feed the knowing

Of your wisdom and Guidance

On the path of Life.

For the way is long,

And the journey can be lonely,

Except for your Light

That leads me on,

And the gifts of Love that give me strength.

My soul embraces this journey,

And the Soul is the spark that is…


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Live with God's Love


Glimpses of God’s glory


While walking through this life

We are given glimpses of God’s glory.

Given glimpses so that we may be inspired

To share our lives with the Love

That is at the heart of God’s life force.

                May we have the strength to be able to share our lives

And all the many challenges we are given

And still be able to…


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Love is the Answer

The Gift of Love


Let God’s Love Grant you the Grace

To Live your Life for the Purpose

You are here to fulfill.


Let this love be in your Heart and Soul.

As you embody it in Understanding,

As you see it at Work in the World in so many ways

In every moment of the Day.


You can ask to receive it and be it.

As it is available for you in…


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Sharing God’s Love


The Gift of Words

Are held in the Hope of the Heart,

In sharing Love’s effort to lift you to the Beloved.

To reveal to you the secrets that lie

In the innermost yearning that the Soul holds.

Having been here in the world of shadows and illusion

And still seeing the Light

That shines with an eternal flame

And is ever alive in the Spirit…


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God is with you

God is with you


To all the messengers of the Light

To all the seekers of the Way

To all who would knock at the Door

And wait for the Master to answer.

To all who wonder and Pray,

Who hold out hope for a brighter day.


Find peace within the Shelter

 of the innermost space of your soul.

Find strength to be willing

to hold out your heart…


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God's Fools

God’s Fools


Oh, to the Lovers of God.

Oh, to the futile efforts to Praise,

To seek, to embrace the invisible,

To remove the lifetimes of misconceptions,

To just be God’s fools.


To those given all of the Love beyond Love,

Til we spin like Rumi out through the streets

In a bliss that captures us, and explodes through our

Very being. With an…


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Focus on the power of Being able to Believe.

To Be Life, and to Be Love.


Let your self be Filled with

The Unconditional Love

 that is at the  Heart of all existence.


Feel the Gift of the Breath,

That is bringing this Moment

To your awareness now.

And in each Moment we are given

The Way to…


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Say Yes

Say Yes


Know in your Heart the Truth

Of the One Source of Light,

Brought into the Reality of Billions

of Reflections of this Radiance throughout humankind.


Feel the Power of the Ultimate Infinite Love

That holds the Key to all Understanding and forgiveness,

So we may experience this Love in Ourselves

And all of the Billions of Radiant Reflections of the…


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Love is our Lifeline

The Living Lifeline


And through this Life experience,

The Ultimate gift is to be able

To Yes to Love, and Embrace life,

With all of it’s many radiant imperfections.

And see the Perfection of God’s Love

Existing within the seed of each soul.


Each being just waiting to be found,

To be understood,

To be loved, for the Truth of who they are.

Just As God Love’s them with unconditional…


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God's Trust

Could God


Could God be so great

That the ultimate Energy of existence

Allows all of Creation to choose

How to Just be?

To allow all of humankind to Choose

The right to Just be?

To choose the Way we let Life Be?


To Allow us to plan our own existence

On this earthly plane,

Knowing Only that the Ones

who have been…


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Redeem Love

Redeem, Renew and Restore


Redeem, Renew and Restore,

Your very Life essence with Love


Receive that Love

Into every part of your being.

Til you experience a reunion with God.


For it is with the Perfect Love of God

That you came into Creation for.

And it is with Love’s understanding

And Compassion that you can join…


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The Doorway


Love’s Doorway


We’re At the Doorway of a Whole new World,

With the Heart Yearning for more.

At the Verge of seeing a Light,

That waits to be reveal it’s core.


There’s so much more in the Universe,

That sings forth to our soul,

All of the Inspiration through time,

Has come from source Spirit  controls.

All The…


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How's the Human race doing?

To All the Children of God

Let Love lead you on the Way.

So many times of trial

Have come to you today.


Yet always there is the Light,

To guide you on you to a brighter day.

Always there is the Spirit of God

To call upon when you Pray.


The world needs every Prayer now,

The World needs all the Love you can spare.

Hold the…


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LOVE in EVOLution

There is a LOVE in EVOL ution,

It’s Mirrored in Our Souls.

It’s backward but it’s our Soulution,

For everyone to know.


Be not afraid to feel it,

There is an absurd reality in this dream,

Reeling us into a new dimension,

That’s so much more than it might seem.


Be not afraid to Be it,

This light that’s alive and new,



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