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What bright shining star hears your soul sing

With a fuse that burns and creates an opening

 to the inner secrets that your heart does cling


Such a Sweet the Song that remembers a love

So Sweet the sounds that merge us as one

And the universe shimmers with the vibration that’s here

And we listen in silence to the Masters Prayer


And the ones who hear

 Know and join in the attunement…


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How Great thou art

How Great the Spirit, that follows the shadows of this life ,

To define the outlines through the invisible possibilities of being.

To bring a breath of remembrance ..

From not knowing to accepting,

To allowing the source to shine within your limitations


To see the hope of compassion with you on this journey

that follows blindly to find the clearing ahead

To the return to the soul’s promise

That calls you to remember,



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Crumbs from the Sacrament

Crumbs from the Sacrament


And I see the storm behind me

 and I see the light ahead

And so I leave some crumbs left over

From the blessed Sacrament

So as the time given here

Draws ever closer to being through


I look down from the mountain top

 And see where I came from and all

the beauty, all the joy,

And so much pain and suffering,


and how we try to bury the way

the hurt came to…


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All of who you are

All of Who you are


From the depths of the Core within

Comes the moment of recognition

And you can accept

 all of who you are.


No more seeking,

no more hiding

No denying

just this merging of your being,

all of who you are


In this totality of Allowance

To the place within

Where there is the reemerging

Of you in this form

Human and Spirit merged in

All of who you…


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Some kind of key

How far does the Light of your soul reach

Til you find

You’ve gone beyond the lifetimes

Of the space your form defines


Where the Master to Masters, meet beyond time

To capture the brilliance

Of the waiting one’s mind


And as the student learns the truth they find

The soul speaks to those who comprehend

What secrets can live beyond this time


The truth is beyond judgment

And the limits…


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The Gift of love

Lord, Grant me the gift to see

 the part of your love that is there in me.

And Lord, let me know your will today

And let the power of your love

 work through me, as it may.


Let me be that Instrument of your Love,

 that your disciple of  truth, St. Francis spoke of.

And as I go along each day help me to choose

To always see the right thing to do.


For we are all in this circle of life it seems



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a prayer for the those who are lost

And He came down from his throne

To be here with us here in spirit

That lives in the love in you and me

And draws us ever near it


And he looked into the depths of the darkness

to the pain that  living brings

And answered the prayers

To heal the broken hearts

And so we can begin to live again


With a truth so strong

It can cut the chains of life’s misery

so the power of God’s Light

and can…


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A certain Magic

There is a certain Magic

Waiting in your life

Some path to follow

To Spirit’s side


And if you leave an opening

In your mind so your soul can let it bring

 a way for you find a gift of magic

that in you resides


Perhaps it’s love that you search for

Or maybe some truth to open up the door

To be able see what’s inside

 And the Magic is there

It’s in God’s smile


It’s alive in…


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the dream of the Play

If I were left to write the words that brought me here

That came from this place of strife

And the energy that can make it so clear

That these are strange dreams I have given life


I know behind the curtains

 I always found you waiting there

Watching from the sidelines

And praying for my deliverance from what I fear.


If I could catch the love you gave to me that I could never see

And I could call on the promises…


Added by cindy paulos on September 7, 2012 at 9:52am — No Comments

to Dance with the angels

The Blessed part of me reaches for Heavens Light

to find the song the Angels sing

It is such a wondrous harmony

This sweet sweet song they bring.

It reaches to the deepest part me

And gives me the strength each day

the pure clear light of spirit sings of

The blessings that always come my way.

From this sacred perch at heavens door

Where I reach with a part of my soul

One hand grasping for heaven

and the other Rooted in what’s…


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the Dream and the memory

Where once we were given the gift of Creation

With the Light of the stars to guide our way home

And yet with all of our time here

the layers of illusions just block memory of that which was

of the seed of truth that was planted so very  deep in our souls

waiting for a prayer, or a wake up call from God

And we glimpse of some truth that reminds us

what we are really made of


and maybe it is the singing

of that strange star…


Added by cindy paulos on September 5, 2012 at 10:05am — 2 Comments

True Yoga

I Love Yoga, and we know that Yoga means Union.. but it seems as Yoga is becoming more popular the element of Spirit is being lost and more of the physical aspect is being focused one.. here's a perspective of my take of true yoga.

A Higher Form of Yoga

With the Breath of God’s love in Your Heart

Activate the spirit that is present there

Merge the energy of this spirit with your

Whole being, Body, mind, and soul.

Accepting all elements and integrating all within…


Added by cindy paulos on September 3, 2012 at 10:02am — 1 Comment


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