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Cindy paulos's Blog – November 2011 Archive (27)

This Mantle of Spirit

When you Carry the Mantle of Spirit


When you turn your life over to God

You ask to become one who serves the Way.

The Way is there for you to bring

 into the Journey of your life.


But your Way and God’s way must align.

So that  on this Journey through your Life,

You can be strong in the Light of the Lord.

And you can let that Light Shine Through…


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Restore Peace



Take a moment, a very clear moment

To intentionally breathe in a Restorative breath.

A breath full of Complete and total Calm,

And let this breath come into

 your body, mind and emotions,

let it fill you complete and total Peace.

A peace that is able to fill you with the perfect

Light of trust an the perfect healing of Love.




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Believe in the Miracle of Christmas

Believe in the Miracle of Christmas


And if we ask to Believe in the Miracle of Christmas,

We must open our weary hearts,

To the Love that is Alive Within us

And within all of God’s Children.


We must celebrate the Christ that we can embody

 by allowing ourselves to believe

 in the Eternal  Spirit that is Alive in our Souls

A Spirit that we can bring…


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And there will always come a point in life

Where the question is asked, WHY?


Why the pain, Why the suffering, Why the loss

Why would God Do such a thing?

When it is humans that are doing such things,

And God, in Light and Love just is.


For all this existence in this time and place

Is just a passing dream.

And as…


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To be in the Presence of the Lord

 To Be in the Presence of the Lord


To be in the presence of the Lord

You must open your heart,

Open your soul,

And let the Light of Love

Come into your Being.


If you have turned away from yourself and Hidden,

If you do not feel Worthy,

If you feel you must Hide from God,

Then you cannot be fully in the Presence of the…


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Because you are there

Because you are there


When I lose my way Lord,

And the shadows fill my mind,

I call upon your strength

To bring me Peace for me to find.


When I can’t make sense

Of what all of this is for.

I call upon your love, Lord,

Please help me understand a little more.


For deep within my soul,

I know that you are there…


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Face to Face

For there is a Spark of the Divine


See the God in You

As a Flame that Burns

with the Light that’s from the One


See the Love that’s there within your heart,

As the power to redeem your soul.

If you were to face God right now,

Could you see as He does,

Could you have the faith to be naked,

And see what you’ve…


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This is Your Life, Just deal with it.

This is your Life, Deal with it


When you open your eyes to the Way life is,

You see so much work to do.

There’s so much sadness and such despair

And such violence and hatred, it’s True.


If we run away and hide from it,

We can feel better for a while,

But then life taps us on the shoulder,

And shows us we can’t really…


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This Is a Life Saving Mission

This is a Life saving Mission


With all the Violence now on earth,

And all the anger and the hurt,

It’s time to take a stand

And bring some Peace here to this Land.


When this life’s become a battlefield,

And there’s struggles on every front.

It’s time to Pray to God,

for Love to take a Stand.


There’s such great…


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Speak to me Lord

Speak to me Lord


Speak to me Lord, so I may Hear you,

Let the Words reach my Soul,

Let me find the Place within,

That stills me so I may know.

                  What you would have me hear,

What you would have me do.


Speak to me Lord

And the Share your light

In the Words that come on through.


Let me be an…


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love yourself

Love yourself


Love yourself from your soul

And let this Love embrace all of You.

See your self as God does,

With A brilliant Light that shines in all you do.


Feel with great compassion,

all you’ve had to learn.

And all of life’s great lessons,

Through so many years

As worked so hard and your heart always…


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The Pure bliss of Being

The Pure Bliss of Being


Go within your Heart and Soul

Allow yourself to just be,

Be in the Sweet Light of God’s Pure Love

And let It restore you and set you free.


There within this Sacred place

You will find the Key

Come to the Pure bliss of being

that dwells in you and Me.


Let the Light there guide you,

And align…


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Let Go and let God

Let Go and let God


After all the Prayers are said,

After we struggle to figure Why,

After we hold on to the hopes

To control and to go beyond the trying.


There is a Moment to let Go,

And Let God Do What he May,

And for us to find the Center of Faith,

And find the strength to make it through the day.


We hold on to the…


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Say Yes, to the power of God

Say Yes to God


You are the Window of this Moment

In Space and Time.

You have in you the still point

That opens the portal to the Universe.

Let the Light come and transform you,

And restore you to the Heart of the original Source

From which you were born,

Which is the Father and Mother of all energy,

The Absolute which is available to you

To access in…


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One Energy

We are all One


There is an unbroken Line

That connects everything,

There is a frequency this energy brings.

There is a unifying light in our souls

That guides us all,

And a love in our heart

To which we cling.


Into Life we all join to be

Here on this small Planet.

Into life comes Creations Dream,

And some energy that plans…


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The wonder of it all

The Wonder of it all


Reach deep into all the dimensions of Being,

Reach from your heart and soul,

And find the Love that flickers there,

Waiting to take control,


Find the spark deep within

That lights the darkest night,

And breathe that spark into a flame,

That burns throughout all life.


And still this life does hold the…


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The Power of Who you are

The true Power of Who you are


On this day

Come Face to Face with the true Power

 Of Who You are..

Put away the fears,

Put away the limitations,

Cast away the chains that you have used

To limit your true Expression on earth.

Trust in your true self

And find the courage to allow yourself to emerge.


Trust that your life has led you to this…


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The Light in You

The Light in You


Tarnished Gem of the earth’s domain,

Breathe in the exquisite Light

That ‘s hidden there within your secret name,

For there is a fire inside that lights You,

                   And what burns there can now be claimed.


There is a pure reflection

Of such magnificence,

Waiting to be recognized

For your true destiny does…


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A veterans day message

Here’s to the Warriors


Here’s to warriors,

The ones who fought the battles

In wars beyond comprehension

And came home to try to heal the pain

And scars that live on..


Here’s to the Ones who Survived,

Never being able to admit the ones

who died just might have had it easier.


Here’s to the ones who went to do

What they were told to…


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For the Greater Good

For the Greater Good of All


And Now the Living Light of One Love

 is Joined in the Circle of the Souls

who Offer their Lives to Share and serve the Way.


For the Way of the Living Light

Can be activated in all who are choose

To be a part of the Ones who are here to aid the Planet

And bring the World to a greater Understanding

Of how we can fulfill the purpose…


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