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Cindy paulos's Blog – December 2012 Archive (7)

one with the one

How does Spirit

the Eternal Spirit dwell in this form

as the Earth Hold the Sun’s energy

and the moon is reflect the formless soul

and as the universe speaks to us

so spirit visits us

in a million dancing particles of light

in the sound of life and all the myriad forms

of communication that this life brings to us


Breathing, seeking, giving and receiving           

All of creation expressed here in this Now…


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The Holy Chalice

Behold the Holy Chalice Behold the Holy Chalice that holds the living light of Gods Love! The eternal light of creation in Spirit That through the power of God’s being Can come to you in sacred sanctuary of your soul And the chalice pours the nectar of bliss over you A bliss that expresses itself as love in your Heart of Hearts Breathe, Breathe, breathe this love into your Mind, and body, and soul, feel the healing light of this Presence come to you as the Holy Spirit a spirit that is…


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Teacher and Student

Teacher and Student


Who would be the Teacher and Who would be the student

Who would stand as a beacon and hold the Light

And who would be that living light that burns through the night


Who would be the next generation to carry the torch

And to live as a guide and servant of the One

Who would embody their true purpose

And who would understand the plan of God

And be able to share it and live it and be…


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The Holy Birth of Love

At the Heart of all Light there is Love

For the Light of all Lights shines so Bright Light

 that we can see the Pure energy

that is the very fabric of our existence in Creation


We can feel the heartbeat of the World

As we Breathe the Breath of God life

And experience the Spirit of our souls on this path

That leads us through the dreams, to Enlightenment and beyond


For here as we live and relate to others

And we…


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the Celebration of the Birth

The Celebration of the Birth


At this time of Living and Dying

In the celebration of the Holy Birth and Rebirth

We are here and present in Spirit

With the same Light that birthed Creation which alive in you here and now


The same Christ that came to earth

Is still here and alive in you with each breath you take

And the same visitation of the Angels of the Lord

Is known by your soul and alive in your memory

Of a…


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12/12/12..there's more

12/12/12 …There’s more………


Just when you come to the point of understanding

And you stop to survey it all

Then there comes a new horizon

That let’s you hear the inner call


And the self which has been holding

A grasp from which it could comprehend

Sees through the new perspective

And a greater vision of which I am


The heart and mind are given

A new and greater key

And the truth which has…


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I found myself in Who I am

I found myself in who I am


How we search for who we are

And all we can find in a way to be

All the while afraid of being who we are

So instead we try to be, who we want to be


And always Spirit is here with you

On the Journey wherever you go

Tied with a thread of energy to God

And the Identity of your Soul


For in the seeking on the path

To what we wish that fills our mind

There is a…


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