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My Christmas Wish

This Christmas Gift of Love


Let the love that is in your Heart

Speak to you, in a look, or an embrace,

a breath that takes  you to the  place

that holds the gift of Love’s true grace


For in each Christmas wish there shines a light

a secret hope, a dream can come true

with the magic words of I love you and all that you do

and if this gift from God could come to you

to share this sweet message so old and…


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a Time Stamp

A time stamp


How many steps toward your goal have you taken,

How many countless thoughts have crossed your mind,

How many breaths of Life where you given

Til the time came to finally decide


Is there a lifetime warranty that you took out

To protect you from all that might happen here,

Something that will shield you from the occurrence’s 

that you encounter that have led you to the  decisions you…


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Thank You


Thank you

Just a Simple expression of Knowing,

And Acknowledging the Grace it takes to receive

The many gifts God has given to you

In this Beautiful Light the soul Brings


So Be you so full of this energy of God allows you to be

 that all of your life is an expression

of Being Grateful for all of your infinite blessings

and you fall down on your knees


 As you acknowledge and Understand

The very…


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A Breath of God's love

A Breath of Love


You offer me a Breathe of Love

With a brilliance that Shines like my morning star

And as I breathe your Spirit in

The power of Love finds a place in my Heart


A place that is a shelter and an offering

And I can See the Star I seek

And the many gifts

and blessings you bring


And I can believe enough

to make a home for the love within me

And I can feel the merging



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Please Pray for Peace

A Prayer for Peace


Lord of this universe, hear our call

To bring Peace to this land if you can

 and stop the violence and hatred

that is killing so many who don’t yet understand


Let the people of the world live here together

On Earth with a common Bond

For in each soul is the Same Spirit

That can bring Peace throughout this Land


Let the People of the Earth find a way

And the ones who fight and…


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What is the Cause that lights your spirit

To Believe in the Silent Word

What is the Calling, before the silence

That is carried in the sound that is Heard


What is the Center of Your Reason Here

and the future of your souls purpose to be

and the seed that was planted deep in your soul

that is the Faith you can choose to see


for there is more to Faith than Blind Believe

there is a deep, deep knowing that you can…


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time and the Space in Between

So this morning was cloudy and rainy again, and no star, and I thought oh, I shouldn't have tried to capture it and talk about it, Kinda Superstitious, and then got this message, and the star came back...Something here about the in Between, time, and Space and the way we can do time and space travel...still digesting this one. It seems if I'm getting this right that life on the star can be here, and I can be there, if I can move through the space and particles of energy that hold the fabric…


Added by cindy paulos on November 16, 2012 at 9:32am — 1 Comment

Your destiny

Allow your heart to be alive

In a love that is not directed by what you gain

But passion of  God’s domain


Allow your mind to be directed

 by the guidance of the soul

 the Light of lights shines in the Spirit

that leads you so you may grow


and the light has a way to show you

 realizations that  allow you to know

 where the Spirit leads you

you are free to be the spirit soul


and the Light…


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I am Here

And if you look and you can not find me

Still trust that I am there

My light is right inside you

Even when you can not sense my presence I am here.

And if your mind is oh, so busy

In doing all those things that you must do.

And if you find your days are empty of Spirit

Remember I am right there with you.


And if it seems hard just to carry on

With all you have created here

There is the Holy dove of…


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The Me in You, meets the you in me

Hello my starlight traveler, who looks up to see the light

You who dwell on Earth in matter and breathe the spirit of life.

You are always searching for those Holy seeds planted so long ago

The roots of the Son of God have had now time to grow and unfold.


And there in the darkness you see the star

that is watching down from afar.

Still with the soul connection that was made with the threads of your heart.


Can you see the you…


Added by cindy paulos on November 12, 2012 at 9:02am — No Comments

Remove the Crown of thorns

In the morning when I pray and meditate I look at my favorite picture of Christ, the one with Light, love and understanding shining forth..

and this morning I felt there was a message to Celebrate and receive that love.

Remove the Crown of Thorns

When I looked deep into the Masters Eyes

And saw the love that he had there

I was shown that he wished us to celebrate that he was risen

And not the sorrows that he endured here

And on his head was not a crown of…


Added by cindy paulos on November 11, 2012 at 10:41am — 3 Comments

In Pursuit of Spirit

In Pursuit of Spirit

We follow the sweet sounds of the soul

And the angels song  resonates within so that you will know

And we pray and ask God  to lead us to it

And yet we know it is always here

In Pursuit of Spirit

We see the light that shines as we reach out for the way

And we breathe the life that bears it’s cross that shows us how each day

And it takes away the veil that covers our Vision

And we ask for the life force that…


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Election Day

So Now is the Time,

And the day has arrived,

It feels like the forces of Light and Dark

Are poised to finally decide.


the world is watching what is happening here,

and we are holding our breath

And are waiting for what will be the outcome

and we wonder what will stay and what will disappear.


there a tone being set now

And do we hear that call,

For the wheels of Destiny are Turning

 and we…


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How would you call on the Angels

How would you call on the Angels

And the Angels Angels so they could hear

Your heart’s sweet song that reaches out to them

For On this journey they are so near.

Believe in yourself  enough to receive them

And the love that they do bring

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and the heavenly choir that sings.

For in the realm of Angels

That work to protect us if they can,

There is such a need on earth to lead us

So we can fulfill tour…


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We are only Human

For if the Truth be told we are all human here

And we all have our weakness to observe

And there is only the Power of Love

That can Reach our Hearts and teach us in this life’s learning Curve


The world is still Surrounded by a lot of darkness

And there are those who don’t know

Where we are headed or why we are really here

So we let them be, and know in our hearts it’s alright

And if the truth be told we are all still human…


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To eternity and Beyond

To eternity and beyond


On this great Journey we’re on to fulfill our  destiny

With our time we are given here on earth

where we have joined together to be free.

Way back in the beginning when God’s light came to Man

We have come a long, long way from where it all began.


For there is the seed of God’s great light in every living thing.

and as we work together we build  a new foundation

With more of heaven here in…


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a little compassion

With a Breath of Compassion


Have a little compassion

For the work you do each day

Take a breath of compassion

For all those who try so hard

And still can’t see their way


There is so much need here

To try to understand

What we have to do

To lend a helping hand


For when we are lost in the darkness

And the illusion of this land

It’s so hard to really see

And live for the greater…


Added by cindy paulos on November 2, 2012 at 9:51am — 1 Comment

No Man is an Island

No man is an island, for we are all joined in time and space

For if you look at the word alone reads if  you separate it as all one.

Here in spirit we are joined together

All are spinning round the sun

And as the sun does not limit the light that shines each day

We should not limit the light how our soul can shine to others on the way.


For no soul is separate in spirit

And each spirit is connected as one

God and infinite energy…


Added by cindy paulos on October 30, 2012 at 10:15am — No Comments

As Above so Below

An interesting shift hit me after a very long night waiting for a tsunami, which never really quite happened..

It was about a shift that's happening, not to try get out of this place, but to get into it..

As above so below

There is shift in consciousness, that is being revealed to the soul

The time has come to connect…

Added by cindy paulos on October 28, 2012 at 12:04pm — No Comments

It is time

It is time to start a new journey

It is time to live again

It is time to open up your heart

and let the love shine in


Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for

to have the strength to take control of your life

And all it might entail to do what you need to do

To find a way to reflect the light

It is time


For there is a path that has been waiting

for you to travel on

follow this path to find what…


Added by cindy paulos on October 26, 2012 at 10:00am — 1 Comment


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