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Vote for an Obama Natural Healthcare Policy

Want to see Natural Health on Obama's agenda?

To be counted, you must vote by Jan 15th

see my post at

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Eye Opening, Catalytic and Empowering

A new film, The Beautiful Truth ( explores the work of Max Gerson ( whose pioneering proven natural protocols are effective and have saved thousands of individual's lives who were told to go home and prepare to die. Lots of great information on MSG, fluoride and the special interests that keep the general population dumbed down and poor from paying outrageous and in many cases useless and expensive treatments including chemo. An eye opening, catalytic and… Continue

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Visionary Quote...

Always one of my favorites, Bucky was an amazing writer, philosopher and inventor. To find out more about this true genius visit

Greater justice and economic improvement for the many is not always the result of social revolution. The Europeans’ guns overwhelming of the American Indian bow-and-arrow weapons was in most ways a retrogressive social revolution implemented by design-science revolution. It is always the design revolution that tips the social scales one way or the… Continue

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Check out this video...

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Great vocabulary?

For each definition you get right, they send 20 grains of rice to hungry people through the UN. With the assistance of an online dictionary, I just sent 1000 grains. The program has sent 56 BILLION grains of rice so far. If you don't have an extensive vocabulary, and a lot of the words are obscure, you'll learn some great Scrabble words :)

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Check this out

A good interview with Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief and a new book on humanity's evolution is available now

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Date:January 6th, 2009
Show:Heartland Security
Host:Steve Bhaerman

You must join to listen but its free...

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