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At 8:41pm on July 6, 2010, Cierra said…
Hi David... not a media creator... just someone who is inspired by sight and sound... and loves to share what is learned. Blissings to you, my friend... ~ Cierra
At 8:13am on July 4, 2010, Cierra said…
Good morning David... thank you so much for making this day feel so wonderful. ~ Cierra
At 11:40am on June 25, 2010, Cierra said…
Your colors attract.... thank you so much for sharing... ~ Cierra

At 11:24am on June 1, 2010, jb said…
Thank "You" so 'very' "Friend" :)
"Appreciate".."You" !!

Your brother

At 4:12pm on May 6, 2010, Julie Jenkinson said…
In what way David?
At 9:44am on May 6, 2010, Julie Jenkinson said…
Hi David
Thank you for your reply. Yes it would be fascinating to hear more about you and your Poetry. Julie.
At 3:55am on April 2, 2010, LLOYD said…
Hi David ,..thanks for your e-mail , i hope this finds you in happy places .

Feel free to visit ' there ' you can hear more songs , & see photos. bloggs etc .

Positives from Lloyd .
At 3:29am on March 23, 2010, Brajanne Jacobs said…

Thanks for connecting with me. Nice to meet you here. Also thanks for your kind feedback on my art and your warm welcone. Your pictures are breathtaking.
Warm greetings

At 8:17am on March 20, 2010, Elisabetta Errani Emaldi said…
A rose for you!!!
Thank you for you friendship!!!

At 12:05pm on March 17, 2010, Peter Bedard said…
I hope you feel better. Let me know when you're back in LA!
At 7:34am on March 12, 2010, Peter Bedard said…
Hey - Sorry...been really busy. I'm free Sunday morning (323) 384-8433.
At 11:08pm on March 10, 2010, Peter Bedard said…
Hey David - I just joined this site and you already found me! Cool! I hope all is well. Didn't you have a reading or pitch for Aspirin? How did that go? Life has been cray non-stop since I last saw you...really good stuff evolving. I hope you are doing well!
At 3:16am on February 23, 2010, The Ancient One said…
by Edgar Guest

The little path that leads to home,
That is the road for me,
I know no finer path to roam,
With finer sights to see.
With thoroughfares the world is lined
That lead to wonders new,
But he who treads them leaves behind
The tender things and true.

Oh, north and south and east and west
The crowded roadways go,
And sweating brow and weary breast
Are all they seem to know.
And mad for pleasure some are bent,
And some are seeking fame,
And some are sick with discontent,
And some are bruised and lame.

Across the world the gleaming steel
Holds out its lure for men,
But no one finds his comfort real
Till he comes home again.
And charted lanes now line the sea
For weary hearts to roam,
But, Oh, the finest path to me
Is that which leads to home.

'Tis there I come to laughing eyes
And find a welcome true;
'Tis there all care behind me lies
And joy is ever new.
And, Oh, when every day is done
Upon that little street,
A pair of rosy youngsters run
To me with flying feet.

The world with myriad paths is lined
But one alone for me,
One little road where I may find
The charms I want to see.
Though thoroughfares majestic call
The multitude to roam,
I would not leave, to know them all,
The path that leads to home.


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