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At 7:07am on April 20, 2010, Brent N. Hunter said…
Good morning Erin! I wanted to leave an inspiring message for you to start your day:

Salutation to the Dawn

Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life of life.

In its brief course
Lie all the verities and realities of your existence:
The bliss of growth
The glory of action
The splendor of beauty
For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow only a vision
But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore to this day!

Such is the salutation to the dawn.

- Kalidasa, Indian Poet
At 2:41pm on March 25, 2010, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

At 2:09pm on March 13, 2010, Richard Lukens said…
it is a riddle.. not sure what you mean by e-mail problem??

how might I help?

At 9:52am on March 6, 2010, Brent N. Hunter said…
Thanks Erin, have an awesome weekend!

At 5:08pm on February 19, 2010, Sharon Taphorn said…

At 9:41am on August 29, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

Here's one photo I caught just unexpectedly about the year ago. Weddings can really be great. One week ago there were the people from the wedding by the road when we went to town. And there, where I parked the car was the next one also bride's and the grooms car. Yes, there really is the magic in this moment.

This is one of the favorites in my garden. While working as a rose gardener there ware some "Caramella" roses, that carried some light flowers, this one has only the light flowers. That's why I bought it to myself. With best wishes, -Silja
At 3:34am on August 29, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…
Hi Erin,
Thank you for the amazing gift from your garden, this photo really touched my heart! And here I've got just another rose for you, from my garden (:-))

At 6:36pm on August 21, 2009, Ron Alexander said…
Well, thank you, Erin, I thought I had offended alot of crones since I my post sat there so long without a reply. It is a big relief to have somebody I respect, like yourself, to see the humor. You know I did not connect the Southern "good ol' bubba with my grandmother, which we pronounced as "Booba". She was a schoolteacher and a wonderful wife of "Pad", who she loved dearly as she loved me. Thanks again for your sweet feedback, ron
At 9:57pm on August 13, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
Thank goodness I didn't make a fool of myself---well, then I'd have another blog post---but what the hey~~~
Peaceful sleep,
At 9:24pm on August 13, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
Are you saying over 1000 friends for Jen? I'm sure it will be dealt with---but dang a 1000, lol.
Now, if this wasn't what you meant, you must forgive me---I think my brain is just about to crash. ;-)
At 3:29am on July 29, 2009, Frizzey Greif said…
Good vibes from a great place

heartly welcome in the
At 2:51pm on July 4, 2009, Elisabetta Errani Emaldi said…
A lot of love from Italy!!!

At 2:35pm on June 25, 2009, Marinspin said…
Thank you for the beautiful lilies. You have been very busy in your garden. Lots of hanging flower baskets here.

Angels Comments - Angels Comments

At 11:47am on June 25, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

At 11:29am on June 25, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

Thank you so much!
At 3:18pm on June 20, 2009, Marinspin said…
How are you? I am glad I am finally in Germany. It took a lot of energy to get here. Many beautiful hiking trails and gardens in the town I am in. I went on a long hike tonight and the sunset was around 9 ish very late.
At 1:40pm on June 2, 2009, Greg Roach said…
Hey Erin! Great to meet you!
At 5:27pm on May 31, 2009, Marinspin said…
I hope you are having a mellow weekend!

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At 6:37pm on May 29, 2009, Marinspin said…
At 6:21pm on May 29, 2009, Marinspin said…
Thank you I loved the cake and flowers too!


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