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At 10:17pm on July 31, 2009, Ron Tocknell said…
London? Yes I love it too in bite-sized portions. After about five days, I'm at screaming pitch. I'm just not acclimatised to city life.
At 7:31pm on July 31, 2009, Jane Anne Jeffries said…
Wow! 112 degrees! Where are you?

My dogs are a Golden Retriever and an American Eskimo Husky. Our heatwave broke yesterday. It was a great relief. It has been no more than 70 degrees today.
At 3:49pm on July 31, 2009, Ron Tocknell said…
Gloucestershire is a loooooooooooooooong way from Portland. It's in the UK across yonder pond.

Yes. I would indeed love to see your paintings in the... er..... well, paint. Reproductions never do paintings justice because they're not two dimensional. I can never look at an oil painting with just my eyes; that only tells part of the story, doesn't it?

I'll just have to wait until you exhibit over here. London is far more do-able.
At 3:29pm on July 31, 2009, Ron Tocknell said…
Well, I guess so. As the language of images is universal, I suppose translation isn't that important... well, except for Magritt. When I saw his painting of a pipe, I didn't get it. When I found out it was called "This is not a pipe", THEN I got it.

I'd suggest that perhaps you were a French impressionist in a past life... except that you're being one in THIS life :o)
At 1:44pm on July 29, 2009, Jane Anne Jeffries said…
Very well, LeslieAnn. And you? It's warm here on San Juan Island, but the dogs and I are are keeping cool using fans.
At 3:31am on July 8, 2009, LLOYD said…
HI Leslie-ann ,...'hope this finds you well,...thanks for your lovely compliments re my music,'s a warm feeling to know i've touched you in some way,...just as your beautiful ,paintings do to me .

Paint your life Leslie-ann *

Lloyd *
At 6:09pm on July 6, 2009, Ruth Garbus said…
Hello Leslie,

I enjoy visiting your blog. The paintings are elegantly satirical. Reminds me of klimt and Schiele.
How are you.
At 1:37pm on June 20, 2009, steven parke said…
Hi LeslieAnn! thanks for checking in on me. Been a bit busy, but I appreciate your saying HI!! and HI backatcha!
At 12:39pm on June 19, 2009, Naomi said…
Hi LeslieAnn,
You left a kind note to me back in March & I simply want you to know it's not been from rudeness that I've not responded-
I only 'found' my page today!
This is, indeed, a lovely & uplifting place to come and share & I look forward to doing so.
Any thoughts of how to begin?
Thank you for any ideas...
At 12:04pm on June 18, 2009, Chuck Hinson said…
LeslieAnn, please forgive the delay in responding. With many works in progress, I haven't begun to work on this site until today.
Things are well (only the attitude can keep one from having a mental, emotional or spiritual wellness). I hope all is well with you!
There will be more on-site later this evening.
You are certainly (in reference to Star's notation) a bright light. May it forever shine ebulliently and warmly within your soul as well as toward those who seek that brilliance.

Again, thanks so much for writing. Hope to hear from you soon.
At 8:31am on May 25, 2009, Star said…
Hi Beautiful LeslieAnn,
Thank you for being such a bright light in my life! I look forward to sharing more together on it all... Enjoy this amazing weather and I look forward to seeing you very soon!
Much love, Star
At 11:48am on May 24, 2009, darius M said…
exellent communication skills my love...
At 10:51pm on May 23, 2009, Ron Nadeau said…
Thank you for your note in March ~~ Had to look up "alopecia" ~ ummm, yes I know that one... Beautiful art work~!! blessings, ~~Ron
At 10:11pm on May 22, 2009, Jackie said…
Thanks Leslie apprecieate your comments. Yes they do lift the spirit. Jackie
At 3:41pm on May 13, 2009, Kaicho Jesse said…
Hi Leslie Ann,

Pilot...nope. I do project/construction management of airports, mass transit, etc. Since engineering/construction is at a low here in the San Francisco area, I've been pretending and doing a wannabe rock star...or re-living my happy musical past.

At 10:20am on May 13, 2009, Mary Ellen said…
Thank you LeslieAnn. I so appreciate you sweet blessing.
God Bless you as His Love pours through you. Big Kiss!
At 7:14pm on April 28, 2009, Jackie said…
A little late but am doing great today, while listening to crazy's talk about theat pig flu, ha! They will do anything to scare the pants of most of us, got them fooled can't believe any words that come out of their mouth anymore, we have the wierdest government ever, a strange bunche of kooks. Oh well that is them and meanwhile we are doing just great, at least so far. Just trying to keep a very positive thought everyday and go with it all day long,, sure helps along with miditation and prayer which always works, totally amazing. Blessings in love and light to you. Jackie
At 8:22am on April 15, 2009, Ruth Garbus said…
Dear Leslie, you are so protean. Fabulous explorations and accomplishments. A book on Hair. Isn't hair a direct expression of our health and psychological states. What do you think.

Finally Spring comig in Woodstock, and my spirits are lifting. Winter was loooooong.
At 1:12pm on April 2, 2009, Heather DeRigo said…
Great! I apologize for not getting back to this message until now... I just got it! :)
Hope you are having a Spectacular Day!!!
At 9:07am on March 25, 2009, J. Robert Palmarez said…
Thank you LeslieAnn,
All is well here in Magnolia, hope you are doing well also.
Your paintings are wonderful, very colorful. After reading the captions, I was able to get new meanings from them, such depth.


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