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Cierra's Videos (15)

  • Dreaming of the Sun

    Dreaming of the Sun

    Inspired by visions experienced during ayahuasca ceremony, this art was painted late in 2007 by Sou… Tags: ayahuasca, Anima Cierra Jun 29, 2010 23 views

  • The Moment of Peace

    The Moment of Peace

    Chorus) Come now, come by our side….A place where you can hide….We are the sunshine Rest your Soul… Cierra Jun 29, 2010 24 views

  • How we re-grew a Rainforest

    How we re-grew a Rainforest

    By piecing together a complex ecological puzzle, biologist Willie Smits has found a way to re-grow… Cierra Jun 26, 2010 5/5 stars 52 views

  • Spontaneous Joy

    Spontaneous Joy

    Imagine... if we experienced joyful song erupting in all public places. Cierra Jun 26, 2010 5/5 stars 17 views

  • The Voice

    The Voice

    Celtic Women ... make even the strongest spirit shutter with their beauty. Cierra Jun 25, 2010 19 views

  • Dancing Hands

    Dancing Hands

    Phamie Gow's composition, 'Dancing Hands' was inspired by discovering that the energy in your hands… Cierra Jun 25, 2010 41 views

  • Moving Stone Blocks

    Moving Stone Blocks

    Ever wonder how stone blocks were moved? Silbury Hill : Energy was collected here and then sent ov… Cierra Jun 25, 2010 10 views

  • The Living Matrix

    The Living Matrix

    The world we live in is governed by light and energy. Everything is a frequency of vibration and ea… Tags: Matrix Cierra Jun 25, 2010 39 views


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