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what do you think about it Richard?

explain the meaning of every single performance of Carlos music by a profane but sensitive listener like me.....

a work that must last months....if you and Carlos are interested i will write in english and explain you its structure.

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beyond what is said by critics, beyond how manycopy of his records he has sold, beyond Carlos' rating in the classification of world best guitarist, there is a guitarist, beyond the guitarist, a musician, beyond the musician there's a wonderful human being......

It is said that eyes are the mirror of someone's soul.....his music is the expression of his wonderful soul...

when you go to some other artist's concerts you mainly listen for his last record played with precision

if you are a little bit lucky, you will listen to variations on the themes

if you are a little more lucky you find variations on the schedule.

if you go tot the best musician's concerts you hear notes played faster or simpli slow hand's improvisation....


you feel that he feels what he plays, he can't be defined into one genre, everything is fused like original MAGMA was the eat from a spoon the food of universal tune....

feedback is important.....i bielive Carlos really listens to angels and also to most sensible people in the audience fulfilling their's not through satisfating their elementary needs e.g."i want IRON LION ZION" but the surprise you find he plays what you unconsciously want the way he reads into your heart and could be a Miles' davis piece with a blues feel for instance.....

He goes beyond what you ask you different things but always more.....

you listener have to be accostumed to it....

I think that variety and variations and abundance of extra feelings have helped Carlos in his career to never get tired even if when the "courtains were not so open" i think for example of nineteens when criticism just talked of "mariachi funk rock" "called him just a guitarist""considered him like an had been like many of his contemporary musician artist which burnt their life with drugs"

the most "powerful drug" is empathy and he's the master of it......


it could be a multilevel / multimedial approach

starting to build a matrix of concerts exerpts (25 sec max) describing a feeling created by the solo.

to create a certain "ready to use" opera omnia but not be updated as time passes by

you could find certain passages/quotations of europa under: 1) love hope redemption healing - let it be -

crossed with things / human feelings: 2) woman child growing getting old resurrecting........(2nd dimension)

for every and each match one or more inspirating passages (3d dimension)

4th dimension is the subjective and the unpredictable (the personal feelings memories commitments....)



0,10 - 0,20  ready for love(1dimension) aches (2 dimension)

0,10 - 0,35 i ask again for love trying to be innocent and true .................. but you deny me and can't listen

0,35 - 1,00 ok we'll make an arragement............we'll do a simple romance without complications

1,00 - 1,25 we have tried this so long and there's a sort of equilibrium for us....................but love is a bit falsity so we pretend to return child

1,25 - 1,50 get a digree don't think about love all neddeds are granted

1,50 - 2,15......i do like sex but not necessary to be shared.(2nd dimension 2nd part of keyboard)

2,15 - 2,40 but i want more than this false love.......i'm ready to sacrifice myself

2,40....3,00  yes sacrifice with all my life through every day

I hope I will have the occasion to explain what means for me second by second. I 'am not sure whether I grew up with it or if it corresponds to my life. I started to listen to it when i was 16 in 1992 or 1993.

First part of the song is about childhood and the moment i asked love to a lady first. I did beg her just before Tom's keyboards Second part excellent keyboards lights the eclipse causated by increasing adulescential's the society response. Third part guitar goes on and begs to another lady the answer was yes but not convincing, tried to repeat and test, but I have to move on in part four with drums. Many doors are close and i knew what i lost but didn't know what would find. At this point it seems that past is mixed to the future and to the present, it's like being in bermuda's triangle two voices are speaking, one shouting perhaps and the one begging perdon perhaps, see many waves and things coming back to their original place, the bass in this part is a hammer creating truth and there are 9 shouts.

3, 00 ...3,45....even if i will lose everything

3,45 ....i will lose everything even becoming crazy i swear i swear i swear

3,45 hey it's a shock !  but hey hey it's a miracle I am having everything back

4,00 now i see the alpha and the omega and read into people's mind

4,30 i could use this power for my realization and for world's distruction

4,50 but i decide to use world to heal the world

entgering a period of lack of brain energy until march......(darker days)

anyway I am planning to create a model train circuit.

planning to work much with music (AUSL sanitary system activities for suppporting people with disability: to encourage them singing)

have still some works to do/to have done on my two cars......

IN THE MEANTIME..... i 'am still waiting a response + sending soohn a message to Richard Lukens.

I heard about shit regarding which record would save like last desire before you fly to the moon

I WOULD CALL FOR "EUROPA heart's cry heaven's smile)

society DNA leads to cancer for itself

i' m going to describe as markets are soffocating bothit their own creators and his victims ... and trying to imagine how to make society safe....returning to agricolture and in birth control ... for example

masters of meditation, of music and of this order all this three elements (all members of the band practice and pursuit these three elements) are the only way to play such a masterpiece.....makes me laugh when hearing that carlos is acclaimed just as a great guitar player.....he's much more, he's a master of life, they are master of music and of guitar. it's a shame that later on nowadays they haven't still so much energy......but it's life natural course;to me best years of carlos are still from early 70s to latest 90s and moreover his worst concert of today is much much more pleasant and fulfilling than the best top ones from other professional wordly acclaimed musicians. every time i listen to a concert of carlos there's a new surprise, we need still today such young artists (not just parrots replicating in the same way their last lp in every concert )- but where are thse new architects? even if you don't appreciate this piece, carlos has "played the whole world, world music. music from the heart.     

Knowing that a book would be tough and perhaps not understood and ignored by most people i would prefer to own create  documentary as follows illustrated:

In the Photograph is shown a set list of concerts of Carlos i downloaded from a bootleg site...........

It was one of my dreams, to have all of these selectioned videos and audio files hand picked by myself 

They represent some of the most beautiful and interesting concerts by Carlos in his Golden age (some 90's didn't dowloaded cause  both i attended the concerts and i own already DVDs commercial and bootleg)

My intention is building a solo file by choosing the most glorious moments in each concert and complete a video documentary featuring Carlos best live performance as seen by Lorenzo Abbiati integrating it with textures and comments especially when the files are only audio (especially in case of older records)

(all legal downloads have been legal and i paid duties and fees to the sitekeeper cause i bought all these concerts)

Obviously watching and listening a little bit of this stuff everyday will give me extra power to try to compensate definitely some lacks of my other words they are an healty bomb from me, a powerful therapy . Thank you Carlos (and all of his supreme musicians) for having existed and still producing such great music

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