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I have not been here for some time, but I believe that in my profile I mentioned that I am a spiritual healer. I had hip repleacement 5 weeks ago and did my healing meditation and some thing very strange happend, after this meditation and a follow up the large bruise or blood pool vanished over night after about the 6th day after surgery did not even turn clours.

But my question is to all who meditae in one form or an other , did any one have the experience of a healer being , looks like the grey ones but not in that color way more interesting, and it was a very interesting session, and so was the follow up the next day. and no I was not on any drugs, just a tylenol at bed time and my meditaions are in the morning.

So any one had an experience like this????? and no I do not watch the looking for alien shows this was very spontanious.


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Dear Jentien.

strange things are happening to me too.

a strange kind of energy, increased vigilance, reduced sleeptime like as if some things important things are going to hsppen.

I am experimrnting depression recovery and almost got my therapy half reduced.

I know the key is to believe in miracles for them have to happen.

plus a new cosmic energy is going to begin.

i think that if we tune alltogether on 20 or 21 december something great of resonance vibration wll happen.



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