Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


Allowance Understands
Allowance Smiles
Allowance gives Space for others to be.
And the key to be able to Allow
Is the Ability To forgive.

Do not be offended by the Many Actions of others
Who might not be in the Same Place as You.
Do Not take the Actions of others
Whose motives are not pure. 
This world is a Learning field of Many Souls
Trying to make their dreams come true.
And many will do what ever they can to achieve their goals.
All you need to do is to see past The shadows and manipulations
that exist, and see into the souls light.
To believe that within this field of dreams
Something within each is yearning for more.
God holds the keys that bring strength to believe
In the true Achievement of Lifes Goals.
The fulfillment of Lifes’ Dreams and true Happiness.

Learn to stay steady in the Light
And Love people inspite of their faults.
Love them as God would Love them.
And Allow yourself to see the Good 
waiting to be be revealed revealed within others and yourself.
For when you see the Way others act that offend you
You are just seeing a part of yourself
That you must overcome.
And when you forgive and allow others to act out
And you still can smile and see past their faults to their higher self
You allow yourself to grow, To Love
and to understand and how to forgive,
And you learn how to be centered in God Consciousness.
Ask yourself What would Christ Do 
And be guided by this Light and Love.

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