Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Humans are hard wired to survive,and quite adaptable.We can survive without most of our body parts and quite a few of our organs.During the seventies The jarik7 mechanical heart pump was pioneered and became a temporary means of keeping a person alive without a heart, until a donor could be found. Those who are parellized or even quadropolegics, who have lost complete and total use of their bodies can still live full and productive lives.But the body can not survive with out the brain(the mind).once the brain is irreversebly damaged the person is declared brain dead and the body must follow. so are we not our bodies, but more so our minds?


Are we the colors of our bodies?Or are we our mind?Although the mind can convince us that we are our colors its important to realize that much like the body,if this is what we believe .( relative reality) then this becomes what we believe,(what the eye see's the mind believes) and the body must follow even when there is no body(example phantom limbs).Color is no more than a pigment of our imaginations.The skin that ,makes up our outter epidermus is the largest organ in the body a protective lining that prevents infection,and regulates body temperature.the color of skin is influenced by the sun and adaption to locations where we or our ancestors traveled on their migration paths out of Afrika,all mankind has a tracable genetic kinship to afrika that cannot be denied.


So not only are we not our bodies but really our minds,we are also one mind by design.We operate as a collective consciousness(a Giant Think Tank)When we as a society are divided there is confusion.(the kingdom or mind divided agaisnt itself will fall).But where there is true oneness of mind
then the spirit is activated.

We Operate as part of a unified field of human consciousness.This is a unchangable law of the universe.(the master mind).We cannot fully understand the master mind because in many cases we dont even understand our own minds or I might say quite literally,We are out of our minds!!!.We are but as a drop of water(limited and uneffective)when we are supposed to be a ocean



The Christ spoke as a true quantum physis when he said" where two or more are gathered together there is my  spirit(Universe or mind of God is).When two people regardless of whether they have a body or not, and regardless of their supposed skin color are gathered together.The sum of their collective energy does not double as one may think,but actually is increased by up to 500 percent.The global society of our planet by design,is a synergetic society.Universal oneness is a uncharted course in our human experience.But I believe it is the pinical of our evolutionary course.


The optical illusion of race prevents the body of mankind from reaching its truest potential,but it also keeps us from living life in itself now.Are you living or just surviving.Life is really very simple.Every other member of the unified field or namely all life on the planet is doing it thing according to the divine design, the animals,insects,plants.The only exception unfortuately is the human species we were suppose to have dominion over those other elements that make up life.But because we are confused we have spread confusion through out the unified field.


Love is the only hope of returning home and bringing all life into harmony with a universal course of living and not stuggling for survival.And Race,greed,and in equality is preventing us from getting back home.

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