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My sister experience in her adventure travel Costa Rica had taught her a lot of things. One of these is acquiring the attitude of travelers in promising to come back for more inspiration and she promised herself to come back in Costa Rica someday.

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I've heard the people of Costa Rica are happier than people in most countries. It sounds like a nice place.
Costa Rica has no military and you can notice that difference in the vibe and attitude of the people there... I really enjoyed visiting back in 1986... I'm sure much has changed....
Though I was born and live in Barcelona in Europe, my dad was born in Costa Rica and I still have relatives there... thanks for your kind words about my 50% country. Costa Rica (Tiquicia) is a very special place to be!
Thanks everyone for all your reply and ideas I really appreciated it so much. Have a nice day.
Hey Agnes,
Happy New Year!
I've never been there, but Costa Rica is definitely on the list of places to see. The Rainforest, scuba diving, cuisine, and friendly people are just a part of it. I am in S. CA, and admittedly with movies like "Avatar" I get the sense that this society is just flat out spending up and ruining it's environment. A big boom as listed in your sister's blog is the ecotourism, which fortunately features the environment as a financial benefits to the society. Often I feel stuck in a "Matrix" in what many perceive the idyllic land, but a place like Costa Rica seems like the exit out throught the phone line. Plus, a travel would give me practice on the Spanish.

Best, Mike

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