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Click to Request G20 to Host a Global Summit in Africa

This is very simple and takes one very important moment. Just click the link and add your name to a petition for the G20 to host an upcoming meeting in Africa. This will help to gain attention that Africa is a viable economic country fully capable of industry and trade to sustain its inhabitants.

"Dear Colleen,

Presidents and Prime Ministers will fly to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 24 for the G20 Summit—the latest in a series of high-level talks on the global economy, covering everything from international trade to the rules governing financial markets.

But it’s not only what these world leaders talk about that matters. Where they meet is important, too. If an African country is picked next to host an upcoming G20 summit, it would bring new attention to the role Africa can and must play in any successful global economic recovery.

Click the link below to add your name to our petition asking the G20 to host an upcoming summit in Africa and put that continent’s potential on the political map:

The petition reads:

Dear G20 Leaders,

Please hold an upcoming G20 Summit in Africa, and see for yourselves how its one billion people can be part of the global economic recovery.

The Africa I’ve seen is ready to join the global marketplace and help drive economic growth. And its agricultural resources, if fully developed, could feed the world. In a recent visit to Ethiopia—where malaria deaths have been halved in only two years—I visited the new Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), a first of its kind electronic, international exchange for coffee, grain and other agricultural products. The ECX is entrepreneurialism at its best, helping farmers and traders get fair prices for their goods.

This kind of success is being repeated across Africa. Through smart aid and African-led innovation, poverty and disease are giving way to trade and opportunity. Now, we need the leaders of the G20 nations to go to Africa and see it for themselves.

Click the link below to take action now and send that message. Tell the G20 that one of their upcoming meetings must be in Africa:

Thank you for making a difference,

David Lane

Please pass this message onto everyone you know as well. Thank you. Love and joy, Colleen

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