Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

FUTURE Global people FUTURE sharing the Brand FUTURE can build a new world im looking for business partners

am interested in working for a company/country as well as invest in it.
With a merger or investment in your company, country ,I can bring the global intellectual
property Brand FUTURE with also 300 plus domain names . See Network Solutions account
no. 1412873. The Global IP Brand FUTURE is pending in the USA, UK and Europe. For 12
years I have applied for the Brand FUTURE with the intent for individuals and countries
being able to share the Brand FUTURE. This work can be viewed at Search
trademarks owner Kent G. Anderson serial no. 76133905/76259991 filed in 2000 under the
Brand FUTURE. The USA Time allowances can be viewed at Search
trademarks Mark FUTURE/TOMORROW serial no 76554723; Mark FUTURE 76/324919 Mark
FUTURE/ Serial No 76141013; FUTURE/Serial No 76070738; FUTURE/
Serial No 76188809; mark FUTURE/ Serial NO 76459532; Mark FUTURE/ Serial No
; Mark Tomorrow / Serial No 76634134; Mark FUTURE TOWER / Serial Number 76594751;
TOMORROW / FUTURISTIC and many USA Registered FUTURE Mark trademarks which
protects the global rights concepts of individual people and countries ideas for future.
Available for search is
Registered NO 2290533 as of date Nov. 30, 2001 the Word FUTURE
And European Community Trademark Application NO. 003886983 You may Google Kent G.
Presently FUTURE brands intellectual property is in ..opposition from Chantecaille, Pep Boys,
Fokker Services, Future Ads and Lincoln Financial who have filed after ...the registered
Trademarks FUTURE. The trademarks of FUTURE has the intent to use for the mark FUTURE
to benefit others and to be shared.
If you are interested in an investor or merger, please contact me or if you know of an
interested party, please share this information. Thank you.

Kent G anderson
FUTURE sm/tm,
925 N Griffin
Bismarck ,ND
home 1701-223-0639

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I am enginner from Italy
If it could be of your interest I am starting to build solar thermal-photovoltaic combined panels.

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