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God in our Souls or our Souls in God/ Ron alexanders discussion

If we are all One, then God's energy is within us and and throughout the universe as JUST One.
With our Individual perpective we look within and connect with our inner self and God. Until we dissolve into Spirit and Lose Our selves and Merge with God. So yes then all is God..
Which leads to the Emptiness is form and form is emptiness discussion... And then...What if God has a greater Force within Him/Her Self and there is even more Beyond God????

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Thanks Cindy, that was a surprise to open up the main page and see my name up there with God's - at least, you used small letter on alexander - that is a good thing! When I posed a "large" question like that to one teacher, he wisely turned it around and said that it was "my ego asking". Well, that was humbling, and having a large "Capt. Ego", it is good for me.
However, I feel satisfied that we are within God, and God is within us. That feels certain to me. The other question to me was "do we pray to God or do we pray from God."? Could that be both too? no mistake, ron
What if we pray with God
Cindy I like that - what a novel concept - "pray with God!" Thanks!
Ron Alexander said:
Cindy I like that - what a novel concept - "pray with God!" Thanks!

Reflecting deeply about "praying with God" does that imply that we are separate? Aren't we praying to God and from God at the same time? When we pray we are like talking to God. When we meditate we are more like listening to God. Myself, I like to alternate doing a little praying while doing longer mediations. Probably spend to much time talking than listening like in regular life.

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