Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Any ideas about marrying hemp with electronics?

Here is something to network among your contacts:

We are into telling stories about sustainability, about a grassroots
culture in NSW, Australia. Know as the 'rainbow region' , this culture
has been quietly experimenting with sustainable models for the last four
decades. You can see some of the stories at

We are looking to share these stories with others, in the form of an
international touring exhibit. We are looking for eco friendly and
innovate ways to present this exhibit.

Do you have any information on companies/manufacturers who are producing
and printing books on high-end hemp paper and manufacturing hemp
exhibition panels?

Also companies willing to supply/sponsor us with A3 size touch screens
to facilitate text in several languages as part of the traveling
exhibit? Ideally, the touch screens should be made from hemp or some
other biodegradable/eco friendly material.

At the mo, we are looking at touring Rainbow Dreaming to Japan in 2011,
with tours to other countries to follow.

Any suggestions on the above?

Harsha Prabhu
Rainbow Dreaming

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