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Hi everyone.

The topic is about fake altruism and egoism:

They can really make fall you into depression, anxiety, psychosis....

Another problem that used to make me so vulnerable was "bad resonance" and being uncapable to purify mself from debris (bad thoughts, unecessary informations)

Focusing on the negative and on what they couldn't have, and feeling oneself "at the center of the universe" or "a magnet to bad actions" and "feeling unlucky or persecuted" represent all a good ticket to travel towards psychic disease bad trip that can last for years both in the falling and in the recovery (if is possible to struggle) from it.

The great part of the work you have to do is to be practiced and performed by yourself and for yourself but also "peer to peer aid" is fundamental for recovery: providing to the unlucky one "other points of view" and concrete solutions that only who has fallen into the same kind of ilness can suggest.

Other psychic disease seem like possession: egoist peolple take for granted and as a matter of fact that their happinress may only come out from someother one's sacrifice and also they are convinced that they are "the only one right unlucky jesus-kind people" and generally they are not grateful even if you provide them a way to come out their "bad emotional tunnel"

On the opposite other type of psychic disease may come out from real aggressions suffered  or lack of love friendship or it's exact opposite (too much dependent on someone else)


Lorenzo Abbiati.

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