Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

i wanna be as clear as possible now:

soldiers and victims

music and rythms

have been for you

- sex - sex - sex

tell me if it's true


the game was so tender

to feel you in her surrender

wars have been done

conquer have be planned


poor boy crying - for love gone

poor girl crying for violence reckoned

for father's sake: tied in chains

this is love fake , this chain break!

this woman too many lovers 

this man too much lonely   -

afterwords afterwords afterwards

he will look at her so lovely

and he will be paying illogically


sex like something in excess

someone took it for success

sex without love is fake progress

this boy can't breed - he's been so weak

this thing make me sick!

womens for a only man's use

this is absolutely an excuse


see the child and his innocence

let him out from all this violence

let's give a chance to love! 

love can't be won - but often often

often arrives when you're gone


rich men thinks to have power for her

good looking girl tease him like a fool

i have nothing to teach only rich in love

will be able one other lover's reach


unmistakeble voices, unexpected invoice

love can wait - let's before give a brake

to this useless lust that leads us to collapse

see the boys gaming with excitation of meat

they are lonley but eager to meet!

full of desire for flesh - but love is a flash

other will pay a price of losing dignity


let's love instead wait for the other indeed

it's more important giving than receive

let's have child only if in love

you'll give the chance for grow

soldiers conquered by peace .....children

inside your parents will give you courage

only one for one this can be done!

this for a better world truth and true words spoke

love indeed is not a joke 

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lucky the one hasn't lied for sex

lucky the one who hasn't done violence for sex

luckiest the ones who did never killed for it!

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