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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

What a beautiful expression of the spirit you've been sharing through your music all of these years. Paz.

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I totally agree as well !! And I am so very excited to be able to go experience Brother Carlos live on the 28th of this Month~ I can hardly stand the wait. I honestly can say that if I had to pick just one , just one Musical Artist to listen to for the rest of My life I would most definately pick Carlos Santana . I likes the whole specturm ... : )
Peace to You ALL and Yours Meta~ p.s. I do also admit that I would miss other Artists there are so many that are worthy! but a very rare few in life have ''IT''
Thank you, Carlos for sharing your wisdom and light. I love your music! I listen to your cd in my car all the time :)
I watched you in Toronto last year- what a concert! I have never felt so happy and blessed in my life. Listening to your music for me creates the same feeling of joy as reading Don Miguel Ruiz ( I somehow feel the connection between the two of you, maybe because both of you are my greatest teachers)

Thank you for everything you do for humanity!

Love and Peace!


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