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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

If Dichotomy is the  Division of two usually contradictory parts or opinions  how can both be truth?can there be a set of opposing opinions and both be true?.While we know that there is only one absolute truth there is also a realitive truth based upon relative reality.Einstein in explaining his theroy of relativity used this analogy"If a Man is sitting in the hot sun on a park bench talking to a beautiful woman, a hour seems only like minutes,when a hand is on a hot stove a few minutes seem like hours.


While there exist the absolute truth of a matter,indiviual perception becomes a perceived reality.The point Im making is that we all see illusions in our every day life and they dont stop us from getting through the days that make up our life,,But at time s those who choose to endorse their realities upon others create divisions in the unified field of life the great web as Dr Martin luther King explain,We are caught in a great network of mutuality!!


We are connected with every living thing on this planet and are all part of a vast Universe,this is absolute truth based upon scienctifict research in the field called Quatum physics.


The docutrine or teaching of race have long been dismissed as a realtive truth,or a truth only to those who believe it.Ultimately it is a absolute Lie,there is no such thing as race it exist as a optical ilussion based upon years of erroneous teaching.While I make that statement I can go out side of my home and based upon a illusion be perceived as thousands of illusions.Like hey,do you play sports?,do you hate me because I look different from you?,will you harm me?Etc,etc

This is the realtive reality that exist in individual minds,and this inspires the duality of mind,We see our selve one way yet are faced with the corresponding opinion of how others see us.


Fredrick Douglas spoke of this Duality,he spoke about the first time he felt like a whole person was when he visited Ireland and described his experience as

a total absence of all manifestations

of prejudice against him, on account of color.” As he traveled the

country, he wrote that no matter where he went there was not “the slightest

manifestation of that hateful and vulgar feeling against me”(that he experienced in the United States) . He

also had no problems finding churches that would admit black worshipers.And

within his first days in Ireland, he toured the city of Dublin without incident

and had dinner with the mayor. In the letter to Garrison reprinted in My

Bondage and My Freedom, he wrote, “No delicate nose grows deformed in my

presence”  The people of Ireland, he said “measure and esteem men according

to their moral and intellectual worth, and not according to the color of

their skin”  He also told Garrison that in Ireland he was “not treated as

a color, but as a man—not as a thing, but as a child of the common Father of

us all” Douglas echos the sentiment of all men and woman,who relish the emotions of true freedom and feel comfortable and whole being seen as their true self.This is the absolute truth this inspired the absolute love that is God and the source from which we were made and this is the direction that we are being called.


The catalyst that draws us closer Is Gods  laws of the universe ,this force is calling us together.  all the real flesh and blood men, women and children who sincerely and with purity, love the Earth, nature, MAN, life and the supreme creator of love. The creation of love (real life force energy) by these real lovers of life pulling together  to heal all the damage being done by the men, women and children who rebelled and continue to rebel against Love. Any man, woman or child creating and supporting harm regardless of circumstance, location or distance, are revealing themselves as being separated from love. the source of all separation from love we are working together and the wounds will heal  no different from a cut that is mended as the skin comes together to seal the separation.


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I can only say that dichotomy is like a coin:
One side figures something and other side something different not necessarily opposite.
But we are still talking about the same coin,the coin of the truth, the same truth but different points of view.
And we have to learn throwing away wrong coins
whatever the direction in the space and proceding to the speed of light always leads to love supreme
Great post thanks! I guess even the definition of dichotomy is relative,but the supreme love is absolute.


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