Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

you are so far are so near

you are not playing a game on me?

you are evaluating my qualities and attitudes

i will not be waiting for so long

love is not a game, but neither is it a tragedy

sacrifice and be waiting to not waste every single moment after..

from the moment you'll be in my arms

you don't want to hear my sweet words

you too don't convince me at all but never would deny your love

you are afraid i speak words only to conquer you.

my words are not of convenience.....for me first of all

i should remain in silence and not reveal my strategi but i mess around with my words and want to be clear even if this means i will be loosing you furthermore.

my words come from my sweet heart feelings's my natural attitude.

don't slip away don't let me slip away.

my gentleness comes from my good inclination towards me (and maybe you)

i play fairly a game to wait for you but not eternally.

but in eternity should last our love if you would accept it. you answered me no but i don't know if it's because you don't really like me or simply because it's too soon for you to know me well.

anyway i will Always be your friend as long as i will found a real soulmate...twin flame could be yours....but i won't decide where which person and when it will happen.

i could love anyone because i love myself....destroyed my ideas of egoistic self realization . i have got no magic numbers but the ones of my heart. i know you can read between the lines....with love you could make love as well but making love without love is a squallor.

we can't go on like'll be mine if i don't wait for you, if i long too much for you you will never be in my are not God to make bad and fair weather on me......blessed i am to be not a famous person cause you can see directly my soul and not just my appearence and numbers.....

you women can go beyond numbers without forgetting them.

my essence is too divine instead to make computations and evaluations i simply respond to my other half with total availability and affection.  are you my othe half are you with me?

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